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09TORONTO186 2009-08-19 15:36:00 CONFIDENTIAL Consulate Toronto
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1.(SBU) IAW reftel, Post delivered the request for
information to Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) officials and
followed up with a meeting to reiterate USG interest in
obtaining OPG's supply of tritium.

2.(C) OPG officials again stressed the importance of
receiving an "official" request for proposal (RFP) or
expression of interest from an appropriate USG entity.
According to OPG's Mario Cornacchia (Director of Commercial
Services), the RFP or expression of interest would allow OPG
to defend itself against potential complaints from other
parties interested in obtaining helium-3 from OPG's tritium
stockpile. (Note: It appears that OPG would prefer to
transfer the tritium directly to the USG, rather than through
a private third party, but does not want to be seen as having
chosen the USG over other interested parties. As Cornacchia
explained, "This way, we're just simply responding to a
request for proposal or an expression of interest from DoE."
End note.)

3.(C) When asked for OPG's minimum requirements in such an
expression, Cornacchia responded that the USG request should

a. USG need for helium-3
b. Specific identification of OPG as a source
c. USG interest in OPG sources
d. USG request for consultations/site visit

4.(C) Cornacchia opined that the talking points in reftel
would be appropriate if incorporated into a RFP or expression
of interest on "official letterhead," suggesting that it
could be based on an OPG template (reference e-mail), or that
it could be similar to a request for expression of interest
issued by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
(SRNS-F5200-2009-00005) and handed a copy of the SRNS request
to Pol-Econ Chief. According to Cornacchia, a USG expression
of interest or request for proposal would result in an
invitation from OPG to begin a direct dialogue.

5.(C) While they did not flatly rule out more detailed
discussions with USG officials prior to the issuance of a RFP
or expression of interest, it is clear that OPG officials
expect to follow a step-by-step procedure, and an official
RFP or expression of interest is the necessary first step.