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09STATE75025 2009-07-18 01:13:00 SECRET Secretary of State
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1. (U) This is an action request; see paragraph 4.

2. (S/REL UK) As you know, Ambassador Holbrooke and General
Petraeus will host a Pakistan civilian-military (civ-mil) coordination
session in Washington on August 3. The goal of this meeting is to
integrate and coordinate civilian and military plans for Pakistan. A
similar meeting on Afghanistan was held on May 2. In preparation for the
August 3 session, Embassy Islamabad is requested to identify senior-level
presenters and prepare materials for agenda topics, outlined in paragraph 3,
where it has the lead. S/SRAP and Pakistan Desk officers have been
identified to consult with Embassy colleagues, if desired. CENTCOM will
coordinate with Office of Defense Representative-Pakistan (ODRP) and
provide support it might need on some topics.

3. (S/REL UK) Begin agenda items for August 3:

- Opening Remarks - General Petraeus and Ambassador Holbrooke
(20 minutes)

- Presentation of Draft Pakistan Civ-Mil Plan - Ambassador
Patterson and Admiral LeFever lead (90 minutes)

- U.S. Civilian Assistance Strategy - Embassy lead with
S/SRAP support (90 minutes)

- U.S. Military Assistance Strategy - Admiral LeFever (60

- Counter Threat Finance - Treasury lead (Under Secretary
Levey) with S/SRAP, Defense Department, and Justice Department to
support (45 minutes)

- International Assistance - S/SRAP lead (Karen Hanrahan and
Mary Beth Goodman) (30 minutes)

- Communications and Counter-propaganda (Strategic Communications)

- Embassy lead (30 minutes)

- Border Issues - ODRP lead (30 minutes)

- Confidence Building with Pakistan's Neighbors - S/SRAP
lead (30 minutes)

- Strategic Commentary - S/SRAP and NSC lead (Vali Nasr and
David Lipton) (45 minutes)

- Closing Remarks and Next Steps - Ambassador Patterson,
Ambassador Holbrooke, Admiral LeFever, and General Petraeus(30 minutes)

End agenda items.

4. (S/REL UK) Ambassador is requested to please submit, by
close of business July 20, the names of senior-level Embassy officers
who will travel to Washington to present on August 3. Questions can be
directed to S/SRAP point of contact Sean Misko (