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09STATE103983 2009-10-06 15:27:00 UNCLASSIFIED Secretary of State
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1. Action Request: Department requests that USUN seek a UN
Security Council Presidential Statement (PRST) regarding
preparations for elections in Sudan at the earliest
opportunity. USUN should refer any substantive changes to
the draft PRST in paragraph two to the Department prior to

2. Begin draft PRST:

The Security Council welcomes the report of the
Secretary-General on elections in Sudan (S/2009/391.)
Elections are a critical milestone in the implementation of
the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). The Security
Council emphasizes that the parties to the CPA must take
ownership of the electoral process and calls on both parties
and the relevant national authorities to accelerate and
increase the transparency of elections preparations.

The Security Council notes with concern that the National
Elections Commission still has not released a complete
operational plan or budget for the administration and
organization of elections, which would enable donors and
observers to fully assist in the electoral process. The
Council is deeply concerned that no final political
resolution related to census results has been reached.
Expeditious resolution of these issues is an essential part
of the electoral process, and the Council urges the National
Congress Party, the Sudan People,s Liberation Movement and
relevant national authorities immediately to address these

The Security Council calls on the parties to the CPA and the
relevant national authorities to ensure the establishment of
an electoral environment conducive to free, fair,
transparent, inclusive and credible elections. The Council
is gravely concerned about the decision by the NEC not to put
in place policies addressing registration of internally
displaced persons and refugees, which are a critical part of
enabling the greatest number of persons to exercise their
right to vote. The Security Council also emphasizes that
domestic and international election monitors will be an
important element of transparent and accountable elections
and encourages policies facilitating elections observation.
The Council welcomes the announcement that direct nightly
censorship of newspapers has ended and urges the government
to revise all laws that restrict civil liberties.

The Security Council stresses that during the elections
period, it is essential that there be sufficient security and
safety to permit the voting population to cast their ballots
in an environment free of insecurity or retribution, and
action is needed now to ensure such security exists. The
Council calls on government authorities to accelerate
preparations for providing electoral security.

3. Please report action to IO/UNP action officer Trina Saha
( or 202-647-2641.)