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09PARIS551 2009-04-23 09:52:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Paris
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1. (SBU) MFA AF DAS-equivalent Helene Le Gal informed us on
April 22 that France recently sent letters to the DRC and
India urging them to cooperate with one another with respect
to MONUC so that India will not withdraw its forces from
MONUC in response the perceived insult conveyed by DRC FM
Alexis Thambe Mwamba. Le Gal later provided the text of the
letter from FM Kouchner to his DRC counterpart and the
pertinent part of the letter from the MFA to the Indian MFA.

2. (SBU) Informal translation of the letter from Kouchner
to Mwamba follows:

(Begin informal translation)

-- Monsieur le Ministre,

-- As you know, the situation in the eastern part of the DRC
remains a major concern for France and the international
community, which have been mobilized for several years in
order to support the peace consolidation process in your
country. MONUC, whose numbers and mandate have been
progressively reinforced, has played a role in the past, is
currently playing a role, and is called upon to play a
decisive role in the months to come.

-- Just at the moment when encouraging perspectives are
opening with respect to resolving the crisis in the eastern
DRC, it seems essential that MONUC conserve and reinforce its
capacity to fulfill the mandate conferred upon it by the UN
Security Council, notably for the protection of the civilian
population. The maintenance of the Indian contingent, which
is the largest element of MONUC, and its material, notably
its aviation assets, seems to me a vital necessity in this

-- I take note, however, that India envisions a withdrawal
of its contingent in this critical moment for the future of
peace in the region, and I understand that only a formal
action on your part with respect to the Indian authorities
would lead them to reconsider this decision. If this is the
case, I can only encourage you to take such a step.

-- Please understand, Monsieur le Ministre, that France, for
its part, will spare no effort with the secretariat of the UN
to ensure MONUC's effective and robust presence in the DRC.

(End informal translation).

3. (SBU) Le Gal provided only an extract of the letter the
MFA addressed to the Indian MFA. The French asked "that
India maintain its contribution to MONUC," without which
MONUC "would no longer be able to undertake the tasks that
the Security Council has given it."