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09NEWDELHI643 2009-04-02 09:03:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy New Delhi
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1. Unauthorized disclosure of the information provided below is
prohibited by Section 12(c) of the Export Administration Act.

2. On March 23, 2009, Export Control Officer (ECO) Paul Cushman and
FSN Shailendra Srivastava conducted a Post-Shipment Verification
(PSV) at Sipra Labs Limited (SIPRA).

3. BIS requested a PSV at SIPRA, located in Sanathnagar, Hyderabad.
SIPRA was listed as the ultimate consignee for fifteen hypersils
manufactured by Thermo Electron of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Export
License: No License Required. ECCN: EAR99.

4. ECO and FSN Srivastava met with Mr. V.S.R. Swamy, Director, and
Dr. V. Satyanarayana, Managing Director, in the SIPRA conference

5. SIPRA representatives were not familiar with BIS regulations and
this was the first visit by BIS officials to their facility. Swamy
provided copies of the following documents pertaining to this
transaction: SIPRA Purchase Order, Thermo Invoice, Thermo Packing
List, Air Waybill and a receipt for duties paid to the Indian
Customs Authority.

6. Satyanarayan explained that a hypersil is a single-use item
installed in a liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer to measure
pharmaceutical compounds in the bloodstream of a test subject. At
the conclusion of the meeting, the hypersils were presented for
inspection. There were 10 BDS hypersils and 5 gold hypersils.

7. Established in 1994, Sipra Labs Limited is an FDA-certified
laboratory that tests the safety and effectiveness of drugs designed
by pharmaceutical companies. SIPRA employs approximately 140
personnel. The facility is protected by electrical fencing,
surveillance cameras, and an around the clock private security

8. Recommendation: At the time of this visit, Sipra Labs Limited
appeared to be a reliable recipient of this controlled technology.
The items on check were physically verified and were being used in a
manner consistent with the Export Administration Regulations.