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09NEWDELHI1029 2009-05-20 12:14:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy New Delhi
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1. "TALIBAN, TALIBAN, TALIBAN," editorial in May 17
Islamist Urdu bi-weekly DAWAT: "In the Taliban, the
United States seems to have found a new imaginary foe.
Today the word Taliban has been reduced practically to
an expletive. The U.S. initially carried out intensive
bombardments against the Taliban. Now, it is using - or
rather, misusing -- Pakistan to wipe them out. For
this, Pakistan has been rewarded with a massive bounty.
As they say, first give the dog a bad name, then kill
it. An attempt is being made to malign the Taliban's
image, although they may at times have erred




2. "DECISIVE END OF TIGERS," editorial in May 19 DAINIK
BHASKAR Hindi daily: "Instead of celebrating, the Sri
Lankan government should realize its increased
responsibility. The injustice and discrimination
against the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, which created
the LTTE and Prabhakaran, is not yet over. The
government should bring about an honorable political
resolution of the problem."

3. "END OF A FAILED TERRORIST," op-ed article in May 19
AMAR UJALA Hindi daily by strategic affairs specialist

C. Uday Bhaskar: "The armed struggle is over, but peace
cannot be restored in Sri Lanka without resolving the
problem which gave rise to the Tamil movement. India
must pressure the Sri Lankan government to set right
the wrongs of the ethnic divide... this is necessary
because China, Pakistan and Iran would like to take
advantage of the situation, given Sri Lanka's strategic

editorial in May 20 centrist DIVYA BHASKAR Gujarati
daily: "Does Prabhakaran's exit spell the end of a
crusade for a separate Tamil state? It may seem so,
but one must not forget that the Tamil-speaking
diaspora around the world nurtures immense sympathy for
the LTTE and its cause, as was evident in the huge
protest rallies in Europe and America after
Prabhakaran's death. The Sri Lankan government must
ensure a permanent solution to this problem, failing
which the rebellion could reignite."

5. "END OF LTTE" op-ed article by columnist Lata Raje
in the May 20 centrist LOKMAT Marathi
daily: "Prabhakaran's belief in violence ultimately

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brought about his end. Attempts were made in the past
to engage him in peace talks, but he blocked every
effort that brought him close to the negotiating

6. "SUNSET IN (TAMIL) EELAM," editorial in May 20
Guwahati Assamese independent DAINIK JANASADHARAN. "It
is too early to write the epitaph of the LTTE because
the root of the problem has no military solution. If
the Sri Lankan government does not take steps to
politically address the Tamils' grievances, there is a
possibility of a resurgent LTTE."

7. "JUST A MILITARY TRIUMPH," editorial in May 20,
Bangalore-based independent Kannada daily KANNADA
PRABHA: "Though Sri Lanka has achieved military victory
over the LTTE, ethnic inequality is not over in the
hearts and minds of the Tamils. The Sri Lankan
government should ensure equal civil rights and
security to the Tamil population, and strive to rebuild
the lives of those affected by the conflict. India
should also generously contribute to the cause."

8. "END OF A BLOODY BATTLE," editorial in May 19,
Bangalore-based independent Kannada daily VIJAY
KARNATAKA: "Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa should
shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding the lives of
those affected in the conflict."




9. "UNIQUE U.S.-PAKISTAN FRIENDSHIP," editorial in May
18 VIR ARJUN Hindi daily: "The U.S. is continuing its
economic aid to Pakistan even though it knows the money
is used against India. At the same time, the U.S. seeks
very close relations with India. It is U.S patronage
that emboldens Pakistan to constantly raise the Kashmir