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09MOSCOW678 2009-03-20 08:43:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Moscow
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1. Unauthorized disclosure of the information provided below is
prohibited by Section 12C of the Export Administration Act.

2. Reftel requested a post-shipment verification to determine the
legitimacy and reliability of the end-user, OAO Nizhegorodskaya Ges,
Nizhni Novgorod Region, Zalvolzhye, Russia. The company is listed on
BIS license application D372417 as the ultimate consignee of one (1)
thermal imaging camera, model no. T145FT10/20/54, containing a
vanadium oxide uncooled micro-bolometer focal plane array designed
for industrial and facilities maintenance applications. These items
are controlled for national security, anti-terrorism, nuclear
non-proliferation, regional stability and UN sanctions reasons under
ECCN 6A003. The licensee is Fluke Corporation, 6920 Seaway Blvd.,
Everett, WA 98204.

3. On March 4, 2009, Export Control Attach Peter Liston and LES
Natalya Shipitsina conducted the requested post-shipment
verification with OAO Nizhegorodskaya Ges, Nizhni Novgorod Region,
Zalvolzhye, Russia. The export control team met with Vladimir
Pogodin, Head of Electro-Technical Laboratory and Vadim Sidorov,
Head of Economic Security Department at their offices in

4. OAO Nizhegorodskaya Ges, a hydro electric station, was
established in 1956. The plant has 8 huge turbines and produces 520
million megawatts of power. OAO Nizhegorodskaya Ges is a privately
held company owned in part by RusHydro, and employs approximately
130 people.

5. The export control team inspected the reftel commodity and was
shown a computerized demonstration of its applications and use at
the plant. Vladimir Pogodin stated that the thermal imaging camera
is being used at the plant for predictive maintenance, trouble
shooting, and installation verification for electrical and
mechanical applications. The ECO noted the serial number of the
Fluke thermal imaging camera as 2648533.

6. The export control team found the reftel commodity in working
condition at the consigneeQs facility. The equipment is being used
for the end use for which it was licensed. There were no
indications of impropriety and the consigneeQs answers were not

7. Recommendations: Post recommends OAO Nizhegorodskaya Ges, Nizhni
Novgorod Region, Zalvolzhye, Russia as a reliable recipient of
sensitive U.S. origin commodities.