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09MOSCOW1087 2009-04-27 05:51:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Moscow
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1. Unauthorized disclosure of the information provided below is
prohibited by Section 12C of the Export Administration Act.

2. Reftel requested a post-shipment verification to determine the
legitimacy and reliability of the end-user, Gold Globe Complete,
Moscow, Russia. The company is listed on BIS license applications:
NLR as the ultimate consignee of 15 electronic integrated circuits
and devices, micro assemblies and digital field programmable gate
arrays. These items are controlled for national security,
anti-terrorism, missile technology and nuclear proliferation reasons
under ECCN 3A001. The licensee is Actel Corporation, 2061 Stierlin
Court, Mountain View, CA 94043.

3. On April 22, 2009, Export Control Attach Peter Liston and LES
Natalya Shipitsina conducted the requested post-shipment
verification at the offices of Gold Globe Complete, 16,
Krasnoproletarskaya Street, Moscow, Russia. The export control team
met with Andrey Popkov, General Director and Sergey Philippov, Sales

4. Gold Globe Complete (GGC) was established in 1993 as an
electronic components distributor. GGC employs 250 people and has
offices in Moscow and 4 other major cities in Russia. The Moscow
complex occupies three floors of a multi-unit office building with
manned security and an electronic access system. GGC offices have a
secure storage area for dual-use items.

5. GGC produces integrated circuit boards and household appliances
from the technology that they purchase from the U.S. and Europe.
Andrey Popkov, General Director, provided the export control team
with company catalogs, which will be placed in the end use check

6. GGC also publishes technical manuals, books and magazines, some
of which were provided to the export control team by Andrey Popkov.

7. Andrey Popkov told the export control team that the end user of
the reftel commodity is the Russian company FGUP NII QSubmikron
(Scientific Research Institute QSubmikronQ) located in Zelenograd,
Moscow Region, Russia.

8. The export control team found no indication of impropriety at
GGC. Andrey PopkovQs answers were not evasive, and the export
control team was provided full access to the facilities.

9. Recommendations: Post recommends Gold Globe Complete, Moscow,
Russia, as a reliable recipient of sensitive U.S. origin