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09LJUBLJANA39 2009-02-13 17:28:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Ljubljana
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1. (U) CDA met today with Austria's Ambassador to Slovenia,
Valentin Inzko, at Inzko's request. Inzko presented a CV for
forwarding to Washington in connection with his candidacy for
the Office of High Representative (OHR), Sarajevo. The CV
will be scanned and forwarded to EUR/CE and EUR/SCE.

2. (SBU) Inzko is well and favorably known to Post. He
speaks flawless English and often displays an
apparently-heartfelt positive predisposition toward the U.S.
He and his wife -- an Argentine-born opera singer of
Slovenian descent -- were married at City Hall in New York.
At the time, Inzko was Austria's Delegate to the First and
Fifth Committees, as well as Deputy Chairman of the UN
Disarmament Committee. His daughter will begin her studies at
the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, this fall. Inzko's CV
shows extensive experience in the Balkans, including as
Austria's first Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1996-99
and founding Head of the OSCE Observer Mission in Novi Pazar,
Serbia, in 1992. He claims to know "all of the leaders of
Bosnia-Herzegovina," as well as many others from the region
(e.g., Mesic, Sanader). In addition to German, Slovene and
English, we have heard him speak fluent Russian and Czech.
According to his CV, he also speaks fluent Bosnian, Croatian,
Serbian, and French.

3. (C) We cannot evaluate Inzko's qualifications relative to
other candidates, but can say that he is collegial and easy
to work with. He can seem culturally American in his relaxed
informality and willingness to dispense with protocol, but he
easily switches back to being an Old World diplomat when the
situation demands. We have heard him say that OHR should
maintain the power to dismiss B-H officials who cross certain
red lines, but we know little else about his views on the
situation there. In our meeting, he made a point of saying
that he would work closely with the U.S. if selected.