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09JERUSALEM1280 2009-07-27 11:04:00 UNCLASSIFIED Consulate Jerusalem
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JERUSALEM MEDIA REACTION (07/27): Palestinians seek deeper

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1) Al-Quds independent daily runs an editorial under the title, "So
that the International Community doesn't fail again" (07/27): "The
peace process cannot be re-launched if the US does not cooperate
with the international community and with the Middle East Quartet to
implement the two state solution, including all of Israel's
obligations (and mainly the cessation of settlement activity). It is
time for Europe and Russia to play a vital role to support the US in
its efforts to achieve peace in the region."

2) Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul opines in Al-Ayyam independent daily under
the title "What is the significance of extensive US diplomacy?"
(07/27): "It is obvious that the US is not ready to waste more time
like previous administrations ... Obama's administration will try to
persuade Netanyahu of a settlement freeze and reduce restrictions
imposed on the Palestinians ... The US diplomatic effort is not done
at random, but is very well studied and planned and shows that
President Obama knows what he wants from all the involved parties."