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09DJIBOUTI1123 2009-09-16 14:47:00 SECRET//NOFORN Embassy Djibouti
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1. (C) On September 15, 2009, core members of Djibouti's Emergency
Action Committee (EAC) met to discuss possible security
implications to U.S interests in Djibouti from wide-spread media
reports of a missile strike in Somalia that killed senior
al-Shabaab commander Saleh Nabhan. The EAC was led by the
Ambassador and attended by DCM, RSO, ORA, DATT, PD, POL/ECON, CONS
and representatives from AFRICOM's Combined Joint Task Force-Horn
of Africa Coordination Element (CJTF-HOA-CCE).

2. (S/NF) The Ambassador informed the EAC on the media reports of
a September 14 air strike in Somalia which reportedly killed
Nabhan. Press reports had indicated that the strike was carried
out by U.S. military personnel launched from U.S. Navy ships off
the coast of Somalia. There has been no public connection between
the strike and the U.S. military personnel based at Camp Lemonier,
the only permanent U.S. military base in Africa, or the U.S.
Embassy in Djibouti. There has not been any indication of
anti-U.S. sentiment in Djibouti since the strike, and most
Djiboutians seemed focused on the upcoming celebrations for

3. (S/NF) It was the EAC's assessment that an immediate
retaliatory attack against U.S. interests in Djibouti is unlikely
and that no significant adjustment to our already high security
posture is needed. In addition, RSO and ORA would closely
coordinate with their GODJ counterparts to insure that any threat
information they receive is quickly shared with the Embassy.
Embassy personnel have already been briefed to increase their
awareness in consideration of Eid-al Fitr, which is expected to
start either September 19 or 20. RSO also alerted LGF and
Surveillance Detection (SD) personnel to the reported death of
Nabhan and the possible long-term impact to the U.S. Embassy. The
LGF and the host government police, who secure the outer perimeter,
were already on an increased alert level due to Eid-al-Fitr related
events in the area. Post's EAC will continue to monitor the
situation and adjust our posture as needed.

4. (C) The EAC agreed that no Nabhan-related Warden Message was
needed. However, CONS advised that a Warden Message is being
drafted that addresses the upcoming Eid-al-Fitr holiday.

5. (U) Point of contact for this report is RSO Michael R.
Lombardo, (253) 353-995, IVG 597 2307.