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09CANBERRA802 2009-08-31 21:59:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Canberra
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1. (SBU) Australia is a strong partner with the U.S. and the
multilateral community in working to prevent nuclear
proliferation. As an NPT signatory, the GOA takes a
multi-dimensional approach to nuclear non-proliferation and
disarmament. The GOA is a major supporter of the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and has worked to strengthen
it in every aspect - disarmament, non-proliferation and the
peaceful use of nuclear energy. The GOA has consistently
stated that Iran must live up to its obligations under the
NPT and cooperate fully with International Atomic Energy
Agency and UN Security Council resolutions. The GOA has
consistently called on the remaining states not party to the
Treaty - India, Israel and Pakistan - to accede without

2. (SBU) Per instructions in reftel, key points of contact
for the Australian government regarding nuclear
non-proliferation are as follows:

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Jennifer Rawson - First Assistant Secretary, International
Security Division

Ian Biggs - Secretary for International Commission on Nuclear
Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND)

John Sullivan - Assistant Secretary, Arms Control and
Counter-Proliferation Branch

Jane Hardy - Director, Arms Control Section, Arms Control and
Counter-Proliferation Branch

John Carlson - Director General, Australian Safeguards and
Non-Proliferation Office

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Clair Cochrane - Senior Advisor, Chemical Biological
Radiological Nuclear high yield Explosives (CBRNE) Health
Security in the Office of National Security


Forest Yang (as of Oct 15) - Political Military Officer

Virgil Strohmeyer - Political/Consular Officer

Edgard Kagan - Political/Economic Counselor Australian
Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York tml- Australian
Embassy and Permanent Mission to the United Nations ml- Australian
Permanent Mission and Consulate-General, Geneva, Switzerland