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09BANGKOK2683 2009-10-20 10:06:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Bangkok
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1. (C) The Charge October 20 conveyed reftel points to
Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Americas and South Pacific
Director-General Chirachai Punkrasin. Chirachai told the
Charge that the RTG realized the seriousness of the new U.S.
effort on Burma and would do all it could to urge the Burmese
to respond seriously. Chirachai suggested that it would be
beneficial if U.S. officials would stop in Bangkok after
their planned visit to Burma in order to review for the RTG
the outcome of the meetings.

2. (C) Poloff separately October 20 conveyed reftel points to
Jirusaya Birananda of the MFA's Department of East Asian
Affairs. Poloff emphasized USG commitment to a serious
process of engagement and underscored the importance of Burma
seizing the opportunity to improve its international standing
by beginning real dialogue with all elements of the Burmese
political spectrum. Jirusaya responded that the RTG viewed
as a positive step the U.S. policy of engagement with the
Burmese regime. The Thai government welcomed a planned visit
to Burma by U.S. officials and the Ministry looked forward to
learning the outcomes of the meetings. Noting that Burmese
Prime Minister Thein Sein would attend the ASEAN Summit,
Jirusaya stated that Thailand planned to engage Thein on
strengthening capacity building for the 2010 elections and
push for more information about the readiness of the Burmese
electoral infrastructure. Jirusaya commented that ASEAN was
willing to assist Burma with the elections, but would need
more information about the "Road Map to Democracy", election
law, and whether the elections would include all political
parties. Jirusaya opined that it was less likely that the
elections would occur in March as the GOB had originally
planned. A more likely time for the election would be after
the end of the rain season in Burma. This could better allow
for an inclusive political process, Jirusaya predicted.