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08TOKYO1700 2008-06-20 02:29:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Tokyo
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1. LEAD STORIES: Top stories on Friday morning included
a GOJ advisory panel decision on Thursday to launch
around July 5 the "dubbing 10 system" that would
increase the number of legal copies that can be made by
viewers of digital TV programs to ten from the current

2. "We Are Unconvinced of U.S. Move to Delist North
Korea" The conservative Sankei editorialized (6/20):
"Secretary of State Rice stated on Wednesday that North
Korea will soon give a declaration of its nuclear
programs to China and that President Bush will then
notify Congress of his intention to delist North Korea
as a state sponsor of terrorism. The Bush
administration had previously said that North Korea's
complete and correct declaration of its nuclear
programs and disablement of its nuclear facilities are
necessary to delist the nation. However, the
Secretary's statement indicated that the USG will
notify Congress for delisting if Pyongyang produces an
accurate declaration. This is a reversal of the USG
position and very regrettable.... Regarding the
kidnapping issue, Secretary Rice only said: 'We have
supported Japan-DPRK talks on the tragic cases of
abduction of Japanese nationals. The U.S. will not
remain silent when it comes to human rights issues.'
What has happened to President Bush's message to the
mother of abductee Megumi Yokota two years ago that the
U.S. will never overlook the abductions? Delisting
could hurt the foundations of the U.S.-Japan alliance.
We urge the USG to rethink its move."