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08THEHAGUE206 2008-03-03 11:36:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy The Hague
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1. Summary. Dutch law enforcement official Felix Marcus says the
radar systems covered by application 050084605 will be used as
stated in the license application, and that SWAT Team Utrecht is a
misnomer for Arrest Team Midden Nederland, one of six special
law-enforcement organizations deployed under regional police and
public prosecutor authority to address life-threatening situations.
End Summary.

2. Emboffs met February 27 with Felix Marcus, Chief Inspector,
Arrest Team (AT) Noord en Oost Nederland (North and East
Netherlands), to conduct reftel pre-license check and related site
visit for the export of radar systems to the Netherlands. The
license application covered one RadarVision 2i.

3. Marcus explained that the Netherlands had seven intervention
(SWAT-style) teams, including six ATs and one military police team.
A Chief Inspector leads each team, which includes two sections
composed of two section commanders and eleven squad members. The
ATs are embedded within the Netherlands' 25 regional police forces;
ATs also support those regional forces without an embedded team.
ATs deploy in response to "life threatening" situations -- such as
the presence of firearms, terrorists, or drugs -- after receiving
permission from the public prosecutor and the regional police
commander, Marcus said. In 2007, AT North and East Netherlands
deployed 306 times, leading to 295 arrests.

4. Marcus confirmed that the RadarVision 2i would be used during
these deployments in an anti-terrorist and law enforcement role.
Specifically, the ATs would use RadarVision 2i to locate suspects
within buildings, and to ensure that no-one was near an area prior
to using explosives (e.g., ensuring the area behind a door was clear
before blowing it open).

5. Marcus noted that AT North and East Netherlands ordered their
RadarVision 2i at the end of November 2007, and provided Emboffs
with signed End User Certificate documents, including DSP-83,
State's Nontransfer and Use Certificate (Post can provide copies
upon request). Marcus added that he understood the non-transfer
requirements of the export license. Marcus clarified that SWAT Team
Utrecht was a misnomer for AT Midden Nederland (Middle Netherlands)
led by Chief Inspector Ed Branse. AT Middle Netherlands ordered
their RadarVision 2i in October 2007, he said.

6. Emboff interactions with Marcus were cordial and professional.
His office, and that of the AT North and East Netherlands, was
located in the Ijsseland regional police headquarters at Koggalaan
#8 in Zwolle (in Ijsselmeer province).