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08STATE79681 2008-07-24 14:18:00 UNCLASSIFIED Secretary of State
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1. SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND: Ref A reports the approval by
the Government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (GCOB) of a
bilateral reciprocal Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)
shipboarding agreement negotiated in Nassau April 30-May 1,
2008 (ref B). The Department has received interagency
approval for the United States to sign the agreement pursuant
to C-175 authority previously granted.

2. OBJECTIVE AND ACTION REQUESTS: Washington understands
that the GCOB wishes to have the agreement signed in Nassau.
WHA Bureau Deputy Assistant Secretary Kirsten Madison plans
to travel to Post to sign the agreement, the final text of
which was provided electronically to Post on July 24, 2008.
Washington concurs with arranging a signing ceremony in
Nassau on August 11 or 12, depending on WHA DAS Madison's
travel schedule, which her office will coordinate with Post.
Washington understands that the GCOB will prepare its text of
the agreement. Post is requested to work with Treaty Affairs
(L/T) to ensure that both copies of the agreement, which will
be only in English, are identical except for the alternat.

3. ACTION REQUESTS, CONTINUED: Upon signature of the
agreement, Post is requested to inform Washington via a cable
marked for the attention of L/T, L/OES, WHA/CAR, and ISN/CPI.
Post is further requested to forward by pouch or overnight
courier the signed original U.S. text of the agreement to the
Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Treaty Affairs
(L/T, room 5420 HST, attn: Tom Malionek), timed for arrival
in L/T no later than 20 days after signature in accordance
with 22 CFR 181.5(a).

4. ENTRY INTO FORCE: Article 17 of the agreement provides
that the agreement shall enter into force upon an exchange of
notes indicating that the necessary internal procedures of
each Party have been completed. Washington understands that
parliamentary approval of the signed agreement will be
necessary for the Bahamas. Post is advised that U.S. Senate
advice and consent is not/not required. In due course
following signature of the agreement, Department will provide
Post the text of the U.S. diplomatic note called for by
Article 17 of the agreement.

5. POINTS OF CONTACT: Questions may be directed to ISN/CPI
(Jane Purcell, 202-647-6186) and/or L/OES (Ash Roach,
202-647-1646). Questions regarding preparation of the texts
or conduct of the signing ceremony may be directed to L/T
(Tom Malionek, 202-647-1336).