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08STATE51210 2008-05-14 15:20:00 UNCLASSIFIED Secretary of State
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1. As a result of the devastation in Burma, our colleagues
in and around Rangoon are in urgent need of your donations
to provide support for their families. The Foreign Service
National (FSN) Emergency Relief Fund has been overwhelmed
by recent requests for assistance, and is rapidly being
depleted. In the past year we have disbursed more than
$42,000 to LE staff in Baghdad, Palau, Bangladesh, and
N'Djamena, and now we need your support for future
disaster assistance, particularly due to the recent
cyclone in Burma that destroyed the lives of so many.
Contributions to the Fund can be made by check, credit
card, or through payroll deductions. By making an
immediate public-spirited gift to this Fund, you will aid
in replenishing and continuing it as a permanent source of
FSN assistance.

2. The Department of State established the Foreign Service
National (FSN) Emergency Relief Fund to respond to crisis
or humanitarian requests on behalf of Foreign Service
National employees serving all agencies of the United
States Government. All contributions to the Fund are tax-
deductible and can be made by Civil Service, Foreign
Service, and LE Staff. Please follow the detailed process
below to make your donation.

3. Check Contributions (American Employees):
Please send checks to the Department's Gift Fund
Coordinator, Donna Bordley, Department of State, 2201 C
Street NW, RM/CFO, Rm. 7427, Washington, DC 20520. Make
checks payable to the U.S. Department of State,
designation for the FSN Emergency Relief Fund. Please
include a return address where a letter of acknowledgment
for your charitable tax deduction purposes may be sent.

4. Credit Card Contributions (American Employees):
On Visa or MasterCard accounts only, send an e-mail
message to "FSN Emergency Relief Fund" on the GAL. Include
your name, mailing address, VISA/MasterCard account number
and expiration date. Also include the following statement
in the e-mail: "Contribution to the FSN Emergency Relief
Fund". "I authorize the Department of State to charge the
referenced credit card account in the amount of U.S. "$XX"
as a contribution to the FSN Emergency Relief Fund." You
will be provided with a response e-mail that can be used
for your tax purposes.

5. Changes have been made to the Consolidated American
Payroll Processing System so that American employees of
the Department of State and overseas American employees of
other federal agencies on payroll by the Department of
State may also make voluntary contributions to the FSN
Emergency Relief Fund by payroll deduction. You may
request a onetime or recurring deduction from your net pay
by contacting the Payroll Customer Support Center (PCSC)
at (found in the Global Address Listing
under "Payroll Customer Support"). You may speak with a
Payroll Customer Support Center representative by dialing
1-800-521-2553 or 1-877-865-0760. Faxed requests should
be sent to 1-843-308-5625 and must include your signature.

Your request for voluntary payroll deduction should
include your name, address, social security number and
date of birth along with the following statement:

I intend to make a gift in the amount of $xx as a
contribution to the FSN Emergency Relief Fund. I request
the Department of State to deduct from each of my biweekly
salary payment(s) $xx for pay periods, until the total
gift amount has been deducted. If the contribution is a
one-time deduction, indicate "1" pay period in your
request so it clear that it is a one-time deduction.

6. Cash Contributions (LE Staff):
FSNs and other LE Staff may take dollars or local currency
in cash or check (payable to the "U.S. Department of
State") to the embassy cashier. The cashier will prepare
an OF-158 General Receipt for your contribution which may
be used for your tax purposes.

7. Beneficiary or "In Lieu of" Requests:
You may wish to consider designating the FSN Emergency
Relief Fund as a beneficiary of your estate by including
such instruction in your Last Will and Testament. Please
consult your attorney or estate planner for specific
requirements of your state of residency. You may also

STATE 00051210 002.2 OF 002

consider a group donation to the Fund for commemorative
events, such as class reunions and weddings or in lieu of
gifts in memory of State Department Employees.

8. Instructions for Embassy Cashiers:
The accounting strip code to be used by cashiers at
overseas posts collecting donations for the FSN Emergency
Relief Fund is as follows:
Appropriation: 19X8821.1
Deposit Allotment: 9920
Obligation: FSNRELIEF

9. For additional information about the Fund, please visit
the Foreign Service National Emergency Relief Fund web
page link at:

10. Minimize considered.