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08MOSCOW973 2008-04-09 11:32:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Moscow
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1. Unauthorized disclosure of the information provided
below is prohibited by Section 12C of the Export
Administration Act.

2. Reftel 1 requested a Post-shipment verification to
determine the legitimacy and reliability of the end-
user, Optolink Ltd., Zelenograd, Moscow Region,
Russia. The company is listed on BIS license
application: NLR as the ultimate consignee of
photosensitive semiconductor devices, 100, light
emitting diodes. ECCN 3C001. Controlled for anti-
terrorism and national security reasons. The exporter
is Covega, 10335 Gulford Road, Jessup, MD 20794.

3. On April 8, 2008, Export Control Attach Peter
Liston and LES Natalya Shipitsina conducted the
requested post-shipment verification with Optolink
Ltd., 5 bld., proezd 4806, Zelenograd, Moscow Region,
Russia. The export control team met with Yury
Korkishko, General Director.

4. Optolink (LLC RPC Optolink) was founded in 2001 as
a joint venture company to develop and apply fiber
optic and integrated optic technology to a new
generation of optic sensors and components of fiber
optical telecommunication. Today LLC RPC Optolink is
a unique Russian company that develops, manufactures
and supplies a wide assortment of products from fiber
and integrated optic components to closed loop fiber
optic gyros and strapdown gyrocompasses, from MEMS
gyro & accelerometers to inertial measurement systems.

5. Optolink is 96% owned by Malaysian interests and
exports their products to more than 15 counties,
including the United States and China. Optolink
employs approximately 170 people in three different
branches, Moscow (Zelenograd), Saratov and Arzmas.

6. The components in reftel were received by Optolink
approximately 3 years ago and are consistent with
subject business. The said components were placed in
Optolink manufactured medium grade gyros (under .5
degrees per hour) and sold only on the Russian market.
None were exported. Optolink has exported only 1
high-grade gyro, under license, and it went to

7. Recommendations: Post recommends Optolink Ltd.,
Zelenograd, Moscow Region, Russia as reliable
recipients of sensitive U.S. origin commodities.