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08JERUSALEM647 2008-04-15 10:10:00 UNCLASSIFIED Consulate Jerusalem
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1. Al-Quds independent carries an op-ed entitled, "Egypt's
security, its control and authority over its territory is a red line
[non-negotiable] for Palestinians" by Palestinian National Council
Member Hatem Abu Shaban (4/15): Lately, we have been hearing
strange noises from Palestinian groups calling for a breach and
invasion of the international border between Egypt and Palestine,
claiming that this is the way to end the siege imposed on Gaza....
Egypt was and still is a warm [hospitable] place for Palestinians in
general, specifically for Gazans. Egypt has protected Gaza for a
long time and defended it and its national rights in many battles
and military confrontations and has fought for Palestinian rights in
the international arena. Palestinians... will never be able to repay
even the smallest part of what Egypt has done for them... Everyone
should recognize that Egypt's territorial sovereignty and its
security is a red line [non-negotiable] for Palestinians and we will
not allow anyone to overstep this line for any reason."

2. Independent Al-Ayyam carries an op-ed entitled, "The
independence that causes a catastrophe!" (4/15): "Two totally
contradictory things: catastrophe and independence; one a day for
sadness and the other for happiness; poverty and riches; a strong
economy and a very fragile one; huge military arsenals and nuclear
bombs... Palestine is disappearing while Israel is rising. Israel
is superior in many things, but the Palestinians are supreme in one
thing: asking for their legitimate rights in the face of an Israeli
colonial power... is it possible to adjust the balance between the
two contradictions to escape the elimination of a ...powerless
people by a powerful state? This question has been asked for the
past 60 years and Israel's answer is always: no."