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08JERUSALEM1786 2008-09-24 11:08:00 UNCLASSIFIED Consulate Jerusalem
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1. In its main editorial, Al-Quds independent argues under the
title, "The Series of 'Accidents' in Jerusalem" (09/24): "The day
before yesterday, news reported an accident in West Jerusalem where
a Palestinian Jerusalemite ran over a number of pedestrians on one
of the city's sidewalks. The accident resulted in the injury of a
number of Israelis and the killing of the Palestinian who was shot
dead by a passerby. With his death, the secret of what caused the
accident also died. Only the Israeli version, claiming that it was
"a terrorist attack," over the objections of the driver's family who
say it was a traffic accident and nothing more, remains... violence
against innocent civilians is denounced everywhere, but inciting
people against [East] Jerusalemites and mobilizing a media campaign
against them as if they were fifth class citizens by implying that
'violence by Jerusalemites' is on the rise, will only make the
situation worse. Jerusalem is witnessing a calm period, calmer than
ever before despite Israeli measures such as the siege, the
expensive taxes and the rare issuance of building permits, the
campaigns to demolish Palestinian homes... This series of accidents
labeled by the Israelis as terrorist attacks before a proper
investigation can be concluded, must come to an end... These claims
should not be used to increase emotional tensions. There are
already many sensitivities and a lot of distrust between Israelis
and Palestinians in the Holy City."

2. Columnist Basem Abu Sumaya opines in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida official
under the title "Dissolving the Authority..!!" (09/24): "Waving
around the threat of dissolving the [Palestinian] Authority if an
agreement with Israel is not reached, has been the topic of daily
conversation since Oslo or even Madrid. In reality, it is nothing
more than a melo-dramatic threat that the international community
makes against Israel or is used as a way to pressure progress
towards concluding a peace agreement. A decision like that would
need an Authority with super-powers and supernatural boldness and a
strategic alternative plan... Resorting to such a plan would put an
end to the American-supported peace process and return the
day-to-day rule of the West Bank to Israel... all the Authority can
do in its current state, is get used to the finger-biting game and
controlling tempers and preparing for a strategic alternative plan
in case negotiations fail."