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08JAKARTA1372 2008-07-17 02:14:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Jakarta
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1. (C) SUMMARY: Mission urged GOI interlocutors not to
allow Iran to use the July 27-30 Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Tehran as a show of support for
Iranian defiance of international requirements re its nuclear
program. Our contacts affirmed Indonesia's opposition to
Iran's development of nuclear weapons. They added that
Indonesia would not support efforts to use the NAM meeting to
endorse any Iranian effort to undermine international efforts
in this key area. That said, Indonesia is unlikely to stray
very far from any NAM consensus that might emerge at the
meeting. END SUMMARY.

2. (C) On July 16, Poloff delivered reftel demarche to Fikry
Cassidy, Deputy Director for International Security and
Disarmament Affairs at the Department of Foreign Affairs
(DEPLU). Poloff underscored that Iran had failed to comply
with UNSC resolutions calling for it to halt all reprocessing
activities and that Iran's cooperation with the IAEA remained
incomplete. He emphasized that the P5 1 package demonstrated
the international community's desire to move forward with
Iran, provided Tehran halted its enrichment activities.

3. (C) Poloff urged Indonesia to not let Iran use the
upcoming NAM Foreign Ministers' meeting in Tehran to
undermine the international consensus on these issues.
Indonesia was a key player in NAM and could play an important
role in shaping the consensus. We urged it to do so in a
direction that is constructive.

4. (C) Cassidy replied that FM Wirajuda's participation in
the NAM ministerial was not yet confirmed but he was likely
to attend. He reiterated Indonesia's opposition to Iran's
development of nuclear weapons and affirmed Indonesia's
support for the IAEA process. He said Indonesia would not
support any efforts to "exploit" NAM members in order to
undermine the UNSC and IAEA.

5. (C) That said, Cassidy went on to note that NAM documents
were the products of consensus and Indonesia had to work
within that reality. Poloff reiterated the need for
Indonesia to act in a constructive fashion and to help shape
a positive consensus that would assist in convincing Iran to
honor its international obligations.