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08GRENADA42 2008-03-14 21:40:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Grenada
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1. (U) Embassy Grenada's weekly activity report (GWAR) provides
a little detail about events of interest that do not merit
longer reporting at this time.

2. (U) Begin GWAR text:

A. International Women's Day Celebrated in Grenada
Grenada celebrated International Women's Day with events around
the country for a week leading up to March 8. This year's
celebration was held under the United Nation's theme, "Shaping
Progress". There were a number of panel discussion: "Shaping
Progress-Women in Politics and Decision Making Roles";
"Preparing Women for Public Leadership"; "Caribbean Women and
Gender Relations: The Connections between Gender Ideologies and
Political Behavior" and "The effect of Urban to Rural Migration
and Violence and Discrimination Against Women and Girls.

B. Grenada Inches Towards Renewable Energy
Grenada Electricity Services Limited, (GrenLec) announced it
will erect wind turbines in the northern parish of St. Patrick
to reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels. The American-owned
company, which is the sole power provider for the island, has
leased 300 acres of land to establish a wind farm. Grenlec and
government officials are in the early stages of discussing
financing and the number of wind turbines. Last year the GOG
pledged to have all police stations, public schools and health
clinics operate by solar power by 2010.

The push for renewable energy sources comes at the same time
that GrenLec receives preferential terms to buy fuel under the
Petrocaribe accord. The 2005 Grenada - Venezuela accord,
promises Grenada 340,000 barrels of gasoline, fuel oil and
diesel a year. The first shipment of 20,000 barrels of
subsidized Venezuelan fuel was delivered to the company in
October, 2006.

C. Court Denies CapBank Owner's Request to Quash Receivership
Grenada's Supreme Court denied on February 27 Capital Bank
International owner Finton DeBourg's request to quash the
receivership appointed on February 15. The first report by the
receiver, who was appointed on February 15, was due on February
25 but has not yet been released to the public. At first that
was because the court was considering the request to end the
receivership and return the bank to DeBourg. With that question
out of the way, the report currnetly under review by the court
which must decide what to do next. Depositors are
understandably nervous as they are still in the dark about
whether or when they will be able to retrieve their money. The
bank is encouraging borrowers to continue to pay their loans and
opened several branches for one day in late February to receive
those payments.

End text.