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08FESTTWO9 2008-02-20 11:59:00 CONFIDENTIAL US Delegation FEST TWO
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1. Ambassador met with Chinese Ambassador Wang Yingwu Feb 19.
This reports highlights of their discussion.

2. Security/Stability: Wang said that he believed the rebels
would not succeed in attacking the capital again, despite their
continued presence on Chadian soil and widespread persistent
fears of another rebel attempt to take N'Djamena. Wang said
that the French had "changed their policy" on propping up the
Deby regime from more passive support to more active support.
The change had come between Feb 2 and Feb 3, Wang said, and the
signal was the French decision to transport T-55 cannon shells
to Chad from Libya. That meant that France was now committed to
defending Deby and N'Djamena from the rebels.

3. China in Chad: Wang said that Beijing was intent on
returning all pre-crisis Chinese presence to Chad. He said that
he was planning to return embassy staff (but not families) from
Yaoundi soon. After that all Chinese interests would return to
Chad -- the oil company CNPC, the para-statals doing public
works, etc. Chinese assistance to Chad would be resumed to
pre-crisis levels in all areas -- health, sanitation, and
military assistance (this last limited he said to educating
Chadian military officers in China).

4. MINURCAT: Ambassador noted to Wang MINURCAT chief Campaore's
concerns over lack of cooperation by GOC regarding pay for
Chadian gendarmes and police officers. (NOTE: Campaore had
called on Ambassador Feb 18 and mentioned that MINURCAT progress
was being impeded by GOC insistence that MINURCAT payment to
Chadian gendarmes and police officers be paid not to the
individual officers but to the GOC and that those payments be at
the same level as salaries of MINURCAT's own police trainers.
END NOTE.) Ambassador noted that the United States and China,
along with other UNSC members, had a special responsibility to
ensure that EUFOR and MINURCAT's mandates be advanced and
supported. Ambassador said that he would seek opportunities to
urge GOC to cooperate fully with MINURCAT IAW established UN
DPKO rules, which were clear and universal, and urged Wang to do
likewise. Wang was initially unwilling to commit himself, but at
length agreed to talk to GOC authorities about MINURCAT "if the
possibility presented itself."