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08BERLIN1636 2008-12-09 12:38:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Berlin
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1. (U) PolOff met with German MFA Deputy Office Director for
the Balkans Mark Bogdahn December 5 to discuss the fallout
from the recent arrest of three German
Bundesnachtrichtendienst (BND) officers accused of the
November 14 bombing of the EU building in Pristina, as well
as to review developments in the EULEX mission and upcoming
visits of German officials to Kosovo.

2. (C) According to Bogdahn, the allegation that BND officers
(Germany's federal intelligence agency) were involved in the
bombing was "difficult to understand," and the GoK's
motivation behind the scenes remains "unclear but troubling."
Bogdahn noted that, had the matter not been resolved,
"conversations were beginning about reviewing Germany,s
financial support for Kosovo." With the return of the BND
officers November 29, Bogdahn assured PolOff that the 100
million Euros in German aid to Kosovo will be "transferred as
scheduled." The German MOD recently announced that it will
contribute 7 million Euro worth of equipment to the Kosovo
Security Forces as well.

3. (C) With the official December 9 EULEX deployment date
looming, Bogdahn noted that the change in government in
Belgrade made the mission transition process "much easier,"
saying that cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo was
improving, albeit slowly. The next challenge will be to
focus "additional efforts to combat corruption in Kosovo and
throughout the region," he said.

4. (C) Bogdahn also noted that Kosovo,s diplomatic mission
in Germany is just getting off the ground, with a Charge
d'Affaires from Kosovo maintaining an office in a local
Berlin hotel while looking for space to build a formal
embassy in 2009. Germany is continuing to work &very
intensely8 to encourage other countries to recognize Kosovo.

5. (SBU) Bogdahn confirmed that MOD Parliamentary State
Secretary Christian Schmidt will be traveling to Pristina
December 9, although this visit is not related to the EULEX
kickoff. Schmidt plans to meet with the Kosovo prime
minister, foreign minister and defense minister, as well as
the heads of UNMIK and EULEX.