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08ASHGABAT319 2008-03-07 13:37:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Ashgabat
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1. (U) Sensitive but unclassified. Not for public Internet.

2. (SBU) The Ashgabat office of the International
Organization for Migration (IOM) submitted a project proposal
on Combating Trafficking in Persons in Turkmenistan:
Prevention, Protection and Capacity Building in response to a
request for proposals (GTIP-07-AW-003-112307) from the U.S.
Department of State's Office to Monitor and Combat
Trafficking in Persons (G/TIP). IOM seeks to prevent TIP
through the dissemination of information to increase public
awareness among the population of the country and relevant
stakeholders. Victims of trafficking will be offered
protection through reintegration activities -- including
legal, psychological and social assistance -- by local NGOs.
IOM also intends to work on capacity building by offering
training programs and study tours to law enforcement and
judiciary structures. Through this project, IOM aims to
assist the Government of Turkmenistan to improve the national
Law of Combating Trafficking in Persons of December 2007,
which eventually will need articles in the Criminal Procedure
Code that specifically describe sentencing guidelines for
traffickers of persons. IOM asks for $196,132 to fund this
18-month program.

3. (SBU) COMMENT: Post notes that the budget for this
proposal is still high due to a line item of over $81,000 for
personnel costs alone. However, IOM incorporated post
recommendations on refining this proposal, including a
request to strike personnel administrative costs completely
from the budget. Capacity building is the most pressing
issue in Turkmenistan overall, and post supports the
inclusion of it in the proposal. IOM has a good working
relationship with the Government of Turkmenistan, as
exemplified by government approval of IOM workshops that
notably included participation of international experts from
the region throughout 2007. By approving at least part of
this proposal, G/TIP will give IOM to take advantage of the
window of opportunity that has opened with the passage of the
Law on Combating Trafficking in Persons. END COMMENT.