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08ANKARA1391 2008-08-04 13:42:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Ankara
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1. (U) Turkey's Supreme Military Council (YAS) announced on
August 4 the results of its annual meeting to determine new
assignments, promotions, and dismissals. As expected,
Turkish Land Forces Commander (TLFC) GEN Ilker Basbug (bio
info reported septel) was named the new chief of the Turkish
General Staff (TGS), succeeding CHOD Yasar Buyukanit, who is
retiring. Although the CHOD's term is typically four years,
Basbug, like his predecessor, is expected to only serve two
years before retiring in 2010 when he reaches the mandatory
retirement age of 67. Second Army Commander GEN Hasan Igsiz
(pronounced E-siz) was named Deputy CHOD, replacing GEN Ergin
Saygun. Saygun was named First Army Commander, succeeding
GEN Ismail Kocman, who is retiring. Jandarma Commander GEN
Isik Kosaner has been named the Turkish Land Forces Commander
(TLFC), putting him in position to become the CHOD in 2010.
TLFC Chief of Staff GEN Atilla Isik was named the new
Jandarma Commander. Aegean Army Commander GEN Necdet Ozel
was named Second Army Commander. 11th Corps (Turkish Forces
in northern Cyprus) Commander Hayri Kivrikoglu was promoted
to 4-star and named Aegean Army Commander. Newly-promoted
GEN Aslan Guner (4th Corps Commander) was named TLFC Chief of
Staff. Assignments other than the CHOD are two-year terms
which are set to begin on August 30, coinciding with Victory
Day celebrations. Turkish Air Force Commander (TAFC) GEN
Aydogan Babaoglu and Turkish Naval Forces Commander (TNFC)
ADM Muzaffer Metin Atac both have one year remaining in their

2. (SBU) Unlike any of the sessions in recent memory, the YAS
did not announce any expulsion of officers. Media
speculation that the YAS would dismiss some active duty
officers for involvement in press leaks, illegal acts or
"reactionary activities" (being overly involved in religious
activities) proved unfounded.

3. (U) The following is a summary of the Turkish military's
key line up beginning August 30:

Position Name Previous Position




CHOD Ilker Basbug COM, TLFC

DCHOD Hasan Igsiz COM, 2nd Army

TLFC Isik Kosaner COM, Jandarma

TAFC Aydogan Babaoglu Incumbent

TNFC Muzaffer Metin Atac Incumbent

Jandarma Atilla Isik COS, TLFC

1st Army Ergin Saygun DCHOD

2nd Army Necdet Ozel COM, Aegean Army

Aegean Army Hayri Kivrikoglu COM, 11th Corps

COS, TLFC Aslan Guner COM, 4th Corps

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