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07YEREVAN47 2007-01-12 14:11:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Yerevan
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1. (C) SUMMARY: In a January 12 meeting to update the
Foreign Minister on Iraq strategy (septel), CDA and Pol/Econ
Chief were able to cover a range of issues, including
election planning, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Ambassador-designate
Hoagland's nomination, Armenia-Turkish relations, and Iran.
As often with the Foreign Minister, we covered considerable
ground in a short time, as he dispensed issue after issue
with just a nod or word, leaving us with few "soundbites" for
our reporting but a good indication of broad agreement. END

2. (C) ELECTION TIMING: Foreign Minister Oskanian confirmed
widespread rumors that Armenia's parliamentary election would
take place May 12, 2007. He said that President Kocharian
would sign January 31 the decree officially setting the
election date, and that the MFA would immediately ("the next
day") send an invitation to OSCE/ODIHR for an Election
Observation Mission.

3. (C) NAGORNO-KARABAKH: Oskanian was positive on NK, saying
he had his instructions from President Kocharian, and knew
how to proceed during his upcoming meeting with the Minsk
Group Co-Chairs and Azerbaijani FM Mammadyarov during their
meeting later this month.

4. (C) RENEWING OUR IRAN MESSAGE: CDA took the opportunity
to share with Oskanian the trend of Washington's thinking on
Iran policy, based on the recent EUR-IO chief of mission
conference. CDA highlighted that a unified international
voice against Iran's illegal nuclear ambitions remained high
on the U.S. agenda. Our hope is that 2007 will bring
stronger, clearer messages from key European and
international partners to Iran that violation of its
international nuclear obligations would not be tolerated, and
UNSC resolutions must be strictly observed. He mentioned
that keeping watch on financial flows and Iran's access to
foreign investment was another priority area for bringing
Iran into compliance with its international obligations.