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07YAOUNDE1061 2007-08-24 14:00:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Yaounde
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1. (U) Summary. Charge and Mission staff have continued to
raise the Sabga issue (reftels) with contacts in the GRC, but
there has been no formal response. The group of men is still
camped in front of the Embassy compound. The President of
the leading national Mbororo organization called Poloff on
August 24 to thank the USG for its support. End summary.

2. (U) In conversations at various levels of the Government
of Cameroon (GRC), Charge and Mission staff have continued to
express US concern that the GRC seek an appropriate
resolution to the succession dispute in Sabga and avoid any
measures that would damage the GRC's record on human rights
(reftels). On August 21, Poloff raised the issue with Ama
Muna, the Secretary of State for Commerce and a prominent
politician from the Northwest Province who is reputed to be
close to President Biya's inner circle. In separate
conversations on August 23, Poloff raised the matter with
Solomon Azoh Mbi, a senior advisor at the Presidency and with
an Embassy contact, the son of President Biya's Chief of

3. (U) On August 23 Poloff spoke to Kurt Kovarik, a staffer
in the office of Senator Charles Grassley, to review the
recent history and current status of the dispute, including
Embassy actions. Kovarik expressed confidence that the
Embassy was being as proactive as possible without
exacerbating the situation.

4. (U) On August 24, CDA raised the issue with Foreign
Minister Jean Marie Atangana Mebara, who said he, too, was
following the situation.

5. (U) In an August 24 conversation with Poloff, Manu Jaji,
who is simultaneously the President of the Mbororo Social and
Cultural Development Association (MBOSCUDA) and an official
at the Presidency, thanked the Embassy for the USG's
engagement with the GRC to seek a resolution to the dispute.
Jaji reported that delegations from Sabga had been received
at the Prime Minister's office and that he was optimistic
that the Embassy had succeeded in bringing the issue to the
attention of senior GRC officials.

6. (U) The representatives from the Sabga community who are
camped in front of the Embassy compound have not created any
difficulty for Embassy staff and they have not made any
efforts at protest or other disturbances. They have so far
been content to know the Embassy is raising their case with
senior GRC officials, and have indicated that they do not
want to seek asylum or refugee status.