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07TOKYO1325 2007-03-26 03:58:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Tokyo
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1. "UNSC's Imposition of Additional Sanctions on Iran a
Matter of Course" The business-oriented Nihon Keizai
editorialized (3/26): "The UN Security Council (UNSC)
voted unanimously Saturday to impose new sanctions on
Iran. This was a matter of course, given that Tehran had
failed to heed repeated international calls to suspend
uranium enrichment. The UNSC should prepare to take
further measures depending on how Iran reacts.... The
sanctions ban Iranian arms exports and increase the
number of Iranian individuals and organizations subject
to a freeze on their financial assets abroad. The
resolution also calls on members of the international
community to refrain from cooperating financially with
Iran, including by providing loans.... The day before the
UNSC adopted the sanctions resolution, Iranian naval
forces seized 15 British sailors and marines in the North
Arabian Gulf at gunpoint, an extremely provocative move.
The latest UNSC sanctions are not believed to be powerful
enough to deal a major blow to Iran's economy. This could
not be helped given that the UNSC is itself a venue of
compromise. Nonetheless, Iran should not take lightly the
fact that the UNSC moved quickly and unanimously to
impose additional sanctions on it. The will of the
international community is clear. Further sanctions by
the UNSC will be unavoidable if Iran does not suspend
uranium enrichment."