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07THEHAGUE1840 2007-10-03 14:54:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy The Hague
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1. (U) SUMMARY. On October 2, 2007 POLOFF delivered reftel
points to Mr. Karel Hartogh, Deputy Director for Asia and
Oceania at the Dutch MFA. The Dutch support boosting
pressure on Burma, including action at the UN, the EU, and
the Human Rights Council. (A list of Dutch activities was
sent in referenced email). The Dutch suggest lobbying Asian
nations to further increase pressure. END SUMMARY.

2. (C) The Dutch support UN sanctions but are exploring
options at the EU given China's role. Noting that the EU
troika demarched China on September 28, Hartogh thought
China's response was more positive than expected. China's
urging restraint by the Burmese junta and concerted
international action is helpful. However, China's view of
concerted international action includes "more intense
discussions" rather than UNSC sanctions. Hartogh asked for
information on U.S. views on prospects for winning Chinese
support for UN sanctions. The French may be reluctant to
support sanctions given their investments in Burma. Hartogh
asked for further information on U.S. investment bans under
consideration in Washington.

3. (SBU) At the EU, finding the right sanctions will be
difficult. The Dutch want to target the leaders without
hurting the Burmese people at large. Possible sanctions
include broadening the assets freeze, visa ban, and travel
ban for Burmese leadership; expanding the EU investment ban;
adding a ban on the transfer of technology or the trade in
precious stones. The EU PermReps will take this up today,
October 3, with an eye toward action by the General Council
next week.

4. (C) No date has been set for travel by an EU delegation to
Burma. Dutch FM Verhagen suggests that Mr. Solana or his
human rights adviser make the visit. Hartogh said the Dutch
parliament is opposed naming a special EU representative,
given that the UN already has a special representative to

5. (C) At the Human Rights Council, the Dutch have circulated
a text and received comments from Cuba and others.

6. (C) Hartogh suggested increasing pressure on other Asian
nations, such as India and Indonesia, that are "still not
doing much."