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07STATE156432 2007-11-14 22:01:00 UNCLASSIFIED Secretary of State
Cable title:  


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1. This is an Action Request. See paragraphs 2 - 4.

2. The Department's Office of Defense Trade Controls
Compliance (PM/DTCC) requests Post's assistance in conducting
a pre-license check on license 05-050072857 for the export of
pistols to Argentina. Post is requested to complete this Blue
Lantern check within 30 days. Lack of response to a Blue
Lantern check will affect pending and future licenses
involving parties to this license.

3. Reason for Request: To establish the bona fides of
unfamiliar end-user, Buccello y Asociados, SRL.

4. Action Request: Post should make appropriate inquiries to
establish the bona fides of end-user, Buccello y Asociados,
SRL. The following points are included for guidance:

--(To Buccello y Asociados, SRL) How long has Buccello y
Asociados been in the business of importing and selling
defense articles in Argentina? What services and products are
sold by your company? Who are your regular customers and
where do they reside? Are you familiar with the regulations
governing the import of U.S.-origin defense articles,
including restrictions on re-transfer or re-export?

In its reply, Post may also comment on any other information
pertinent to this transaction such as security of facilities
and concerns about the company.

5. Details of license application:

DTC Case: 05-050072857


20 9mm Pistols (SP2022) w/ two 15 round magazines each

20 .40 Cal Pistols (SP2340) w. 2 magazines each

5 .45 Cal Pistols (P220) w/ 2 magazines each

5 .40 Cal Pistols (P226R) w/ 2 magazines each

5 .40 Cal Pistols (P229) w/ 2 magazines each

License Value: USD $37,328


Sigarms, Inc.
18 Industrial Drive
Exeter, NH 03833


Same as end-user.


Buccello y Asociados, SRL
ADM Echeverria 2109
Piso 8 - Oficina C
Buenos Aires, Argentina


For commercial resale.

6. Submitted in support of the license application were the
following documents (PM/DTCC will fax documentation to Posts
upon request):

Import Authorization ref. no. 080/07 from Ministry of
Interior of Argentina dated 27 June 2007.

Purchase order no 01-2007 from Buccello y Asociados dated 31
August 2007.

Signed DSP-83 dated 29 October 2007.

7. Please slug reply for PM/DTCC - BLUE LANTERN COORDINATOR
and include the words "Blue Lantern" and the case number in
the subject line. POC is Kyle M. Ballard, Phone:
202-663-1929; Email:; SIPRNET: The Blue Lantern Guidebook (ref) is
available as a PDF file in the Bunche Library's E-Book
Collection on the DOS Intranet:
BlueLanternGuidebook2006%2520 final .pdf

8. Department is grateful for Post's assistance in this