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07NIAMEY1184 2007-09-13 16:05:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Niamey
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1. Mouvement des Nigeriens pour la Justice (MNJ) has no plan
to conduct any attacks during Ramadan, but will retaliate if
its members are attacked, according to MNJ spokesperson Dr.
Dangana Ahmed. The MNJ spokesperson made the announcement
during a telephone interview with a local Voice of America
(VOA) announcer on the eve (September 11) of Ramadan which
was broadcast on Radio Anfani. The MNJ spokesperson called
for Khaddafi's mediation of the conflict in the north.

2. Also on September 11, Mayor of Tchirozerine, Issouf Ag
Maha, sent to journalists an announcement that he had joined
the MNJ. (Note: Tchirozerine is approximately 200 kilometers
northwest of the city of Agadez. End note.) A rough
translation of his announcement states:

Quote. About eight months ago, the MNJ took up arms in Niger
and made political demands. All possible avenues were
contemplated to permit the Nigerien authorities to accept a
dialogue and return to peace. Today, the Government of Niger
has created conditions that incite the population towards
hate and civil war. The nation counts its dead and the
mourning families. The issue, in spite of its extreme
severity is treated in the street with gross casualness. The
elected officials no longer find their role in the face of a
militarized power and a martyred population. It is
intolerable for us to remain powerless and passive witnesses
to the suffering of our people in flesh and soul. Given that
the current government is incapable of responding to the most
basic aspirations of Niger and Nigeriens, from whom the truth
is hidden, we have no other choice but to rally behind the
MNJ as it carries the torch of justice and respect for the
people. I ask Nigerien youth to resist the intimidations and
to continue to believe in justice and freedom so that our
country can again find its place among the chorus of nations.
I appeal to the international community to assist Nigeriens
in this moment of painful existence. Issouf Ag Maha, Mayor
of Tchirozerine. End quote.