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07MADRID606 2007-04-03 16:21:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Madrid
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1. (SBU) Alcy Frelick of CA/P/IP and Richard Kopel and Mary
Draper of the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) visited Madrid
March 27 to meet with officials from Spain's National Center
for Anti Terrorist Coordination to discuss implementation the
HSPD-6 terrorist lookout data exchange between the U.S. and
Spain (REF A). Frelick, Kopel, and Draper were accompanied
to the CNCA by the Consul General and by representatives from
Legat and from the Political Section. The USG visitors
briefed the CNCA on the U.S. policy framework that guided
HSPD-6 exchanges with other countries and responded to
specific technical questions from the CNCA regarding how the
"Madrid Model" for this data exchange will function in
practice. The CNCA provided an extensive briefing regarding
Spanish counter terrorism efforts and how the CNCA believed
an HSPD-6 exchange could be managed by the CNCA.


2. (SBU) Following a discussion of the technical issues
surrounding implementation of the agreement, participants
agreed to:

-- Establish an "Operational Protocol" that would serve as
the written guideline for both parties in managing lookout
data shared by the two parties. The CNCA agreed to work from
a White Paper provided by the USG as the basis for this
Protocol and agreed to provide Spain's input and suggested
language to the U.S. side during the month of April.

-- Establish clear definitions of the terms to be used by
both sides in implementing the data exchange. These
definitions will be included in the Protocol and will help
each party understand the nature of the data being shared by
the CNCA and the TSC.

-- Exchange letters once a Protocol had been agreed to by
both parties, formalizing implementation of the Protocols.

-- Set a target date of May 2007 for implementation of the
HSPD-6 data exchange.

3. (SBU) CNCA representatives indicated that the USG team had
answered their procedural/technical questions regarding the
data exchange. They indicated that the Protocol would
require the approval of Spain's data privacy protection
agency, which the CNCA would endeavor to obtain as quickly as

4. (U) Post greatly appreciates the visit of the CA and TSC
team, and the readiness of Washington agencies to provide
additional technical advice and support as we move towards
implementation of the Madrid Model.