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07JAKARTA2156 2007-08-08 10:44:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Jakarta
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1. (U) According to a survey of 8000 voters by the well
regarded Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), Vice-Governor
Fauzi Bowo defeated former deputy police chief Adang
Daradjatun, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) candidate, 56
percent to 44 percent in Jakarta's August 8 gubernatorial
race. LSI reported a margin of error of plus or minus one

2. (U) Official results will be announced on August 18 and
the winner inaugurated to replace Governor Sutiyoso in
October. In the end, Fauzi's massive coalition of virtually
every mainstream political party appeared to have held off a
late surge by Adang and PKS, a well-organized Islamic party.
Despite the loss, political pundits expected PKS to spin the
respectable showing as a sign of the party's growth.

3. (U) The August 8 election unfolded peacefully and without
any reports of disturbances. The Jakarta metropolitan police
deployed 11,300 police across the city to maintain security
during the election and by all accounts, these measures
succeeded. According to the media, officials from both camps
expressed satisfaction with the transparency and integrity of
the polling practices. Embassy teams observed polling
stations throughout the city and reported no disturbances or
obvious signs of intimidation or coercion.

4. (U) As predicted, turnout for the election was low by
Indonesian standards (Note: In the 2004 parliamentary
election, 88 percent of eligible voters voted nationally.)
The respected Kompas newspaper estimated that only 60 percent
of registered Jakarta voters actually cast a ballot. As
outlined in reftels, conventional wisdom long held that voter
discontent with the limited options would translate into low