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07BUENOSAIRES1769 2007-09-06 15:23:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Buenos Aires
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1. On September 4, Ambassador Wayne attended the signing
ceremony of the "Formal Employment and Corporate Social
Responsibility Commitment Agreement" between the Ministry of
Labor and approximately 100 leading firms in Argentina. The
ceremony took place at the Casa Rosada and featured
President Nestor Kirchner and Labor Minister Carlos Tomada.
(The U.S., Spain, and France were the only Embassies included
in the ceremony.)

2. The agreement was sponsored by the International Labor
Organization (ILO) and the UN Economic Commission for Latin
America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and obliges participating
companies to ensure dignified labor conditions for their
workers. The scope of the agreement encompasses the creation
of a forum of private sector experts to counter informal work
child labor, and to promote productivity and competitiveness,
job creation, youth employment, improvement of health care,
education and on-the-job training, labor law, and social

3. U.S. corporate presence at the event was strong, with
local executives from approximately 25 U.S. companies in
attendance. At the signing ceremony, Ford was the first
company invited to sign the agreement. According to the
Amcham, the agreement will later be circulated among the
participants, of which the following U.S. companies are
expected to sign: Alto Parana, AmCham, Cargill, Celulosa
Argentina, Citibank, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Ford, General
Electric, General Motors, IBM, Lockwood Greene, Manpower,
Massalin Particulares, Merck, Sharp, & Dohme, McDonalds,
Microsoft, Monsanto, Nextel, Nobleza Picardo, Pan American
Energy, Penaflor, Pepsi, Pfizer, Sun Microsystem, and Visa.

4. Tomada thanked the Ambassador for the positive role that
U.S. companies play in Argentina and for the Embassy's role
in encouraging attention to corporate social responsibility
(CSR) and specifically for the July 24 roundtable the Embassy
hosted on the subject (reftel). Earlier, Tomada informed the
Ambassador that all of the companies that participated in the
roundtable had signed on to the initiative.