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07BEIJING7537 2007-12-18 09:21:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Beijing
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1. Key points at the regular December 18 MFA press briefing:

-- VFM Wu Dawei is currently in Pyongyang to discuss the next
phase of the Six Party Talks.

-- Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda has expressed his
willingness to visit China, but the two sides have not yet
decided a date for the visit.

-- Protests in Vietnam over the South China Sea have hurt
Sino-Vietnamese friendship and China hopes that Vietnam will
take steps to ensure protests do not happen again.

-- China congratulates the Bali Conference on Climate Change
on its success and hopes the developed nations lead the way
forward on reducing greenhouse gasses.

-- Rumors that China will sell ten fighter aircraft to Iran
are untrue.

-- Vladimir Putin has made great contributions to expanding
mutual trust and cooperation between China and Russia and
China hopes such cooperation can continue.

-- Visits: Bolivian Foreign Minister David CHOQUEHUANCA
Cespedes will visit China December 20-24, at the invitation
of Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.

Six Party Talks Update


2. At the December 18 regular MFA press briefing, spokesman
Qin Gang confirmed that VFM Wu Dawei is currently in
Pyongyang to discuss the next phase of work for the Six Party
Talks. Qin expressed optimism about the progress so far. He
noted the consensus reached on goals and said China hopes all
parties work together to increase mutual trust and
cooperation to implement Six Party Talks agreements

Japanese Prime Minister Visit


3. Asked about press reports that Japanese Prime Minister
Fukuda will visit China December 27-30, Qin replied that
Fukuda has expressed his willingness to visit either in late
2007 or early 2008. Once the two sides agree on a date, they
will announce it.

Protests in Vietnam


4. Protests in Vietnam regarding the South China Sea have
damaged the Chinese-Vietnamese friendship, and China hopes
Vietnam will take appropriate measures to improve
Sino-Vietnamese relations and prevent future demonstrations.
Qin said China hopes to solve the issue via peaceful
consultations, and noted all parties have the responsibility
to safeguard regional security.

New Local Government for Disputed Islands


5. Asked about the recent establishment of the county-level
city of Sansha, a part of Hainan province, to administer the
disputed Xisha and Nansha islands, Qin responded that the
area involved are indisputably under Chinese sovereignty and
establishing local governmental arranements is a normal
activity for sovereign overnments to undertake.

Malnutrition in Tibet


6. Asked about a recent University of California report that
60 percent of children in Tibet are malnourished and that
Tibet's infant mortality rate is considerably higher than
elsewhere in China, Qin responded that he has for the past
three press conferences addressed the Dalai Lama's lies and
did not wish to continue addressing them. He added that
"serfdom in Tibet died long ago."

The Bali Climate Change Discussion


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7. China congratulates the participants in the Bali
discussions on climate change on the success of the meeting,
which concluded with consensus on the direction for future
negotiations. China hopes developing nations take the lead
in reducing greenhouse gasses and help developing nations
through increased technological assistance.

Japanese Missile Tests


8. Asked about recent Japanese tests of a ballistic missile
defense system, Qin responded that Japan has always stated
its desire for peaceful development. China hopes that
Japan's actions will be conducive to peace, security and
mutual trust in the region. He said China has a policy of
benevolence toward its neighbors and hopes countries in the
region can work together for peace, security and development.
He also said China opposes any other nation's interference
in the Taiwan issue.

Sale of "Fighters" to Iran


9. Asked about reports that China will sell Iran ten fighter
aircraft, Qin responded emphatically that he had already
responded to the question on October 25, and that the reports
are groundless and incorrect. China is responsible and
prudent in the area of nonproliferation, in accord with
relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

Putin's Contributions to Sino-Russian Relations



10. Asked about the possibility that Vladimir Putin will
become Russia's next Prime Minister, Qin noted that under
Putin's lead, the Sino-Russian partnership has been greatly
strengthened, with mutual trust reaching an unprecedented
high. China values the contributions of Putin to these

Visits: Bolivian Foreign Minister


11. Bolivian Foreign Minister David CHOQUEHUANCA Cespedes
will visit China December 20-24, at the invitation of Chinese
Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.