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07ANKARA1879 2007-07-23 13:45:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Ankara
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1) Turkish people neither
favored state bureaucratic nationalism nor ethnic Kurdish
nationalism; and 2) even though CHP is number two in the parliament
in terms of seat-numbers, MHP is going to be the real opposition to
the AKP. The Turkish political structure is undergoing significant
changes. Both the rhetoric and the nature of the debates will
change. With these results, this is clearly a civilian democratic

"Turkey: One Big Family"
Ertugrul Ozkok writes in the mass appeal daily Hurriyet: "Prime
Minister Erdogan promised to become a political leader for all of
Turkey as part of his election campaign strategy. The level of
support for the AKP indicates that his promise was taken seriously
by people. The fact of the matter is that the percentage of AKP
support should not and cannot be interpreted as religiously
motivated votes. Such an interpretation is not only an irrational
thought but also it is against sociological facts. Erdogan as well
as his party is now located squarely in the center-right of the
political spectrum."

Allegations on US Selling Weapons to Arab Tribes in Kirkuk
Leftist-nationalist Cumhuriyet and Islamist-oriented Zaman report
that the police chief in Kirkuk Serhat Kadir claimed on Kurdistan
Patriotic Union Party's official internet site that the US military
started supplying weapons to Arab tribes in and around Kirkuk.
Kadir added that they are concerned that the Arab tribes will form
illegal militias after owning the US weapons.

TV News:
(NTV, 6 A.M.)
Domestic News

Holiday resorts in the Aegean and Mediterranean emptied out as
voters returned to their homes for the elections

US Deputy Assistant Secretary Matt Bryza praised Turkish elections
saying that 'This is a big success for Turkish democracy."

International News

EC President Barroso urged EU member states not to shut the door on
Turkey for membership negotiations.

Tony Blair, the new special envoy for the Middle East peace quartet
will meet Palestinian and Israeli leaders on Tuesday

Four Lebanese soldiers were killed and 15 wounded when a building
exploded when they entered a Palestinian refugee camp where some
Al-Qaeda militants were living.