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07ABUDHABI857 2007-05-23 14:14:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Abu Dhabi
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1. (U) ACTION REQUEST -- See para 4.

2. (SBU) On May 23 we stressed the urgency of assistance to
the LAF with both Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed (AbZ)
and the Crown Prince's office. Ambassador spoke first with
Col. (Ret.) Jack McGuinness, Military Advisor to Abu Dhabi
Crown Prince/Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed (MbZ) to convey the request for
assistance on behalf of the Government of Lebanon.
Ambassador emphasized that the ammunition requirements needed
to be delivered as soon as possible, preferably within days.
Col. McGuinness agreed to pass the list of ammunition
caliber/quantity requirements to MbZ immediately. (MbZ is in
Morocco at present on a private trip, along with several of
his brothers, including Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah.
McGuinness has since confirmed that he faxed a copy of the
LAF requirements to MbZ in Morocco and that it had been
delivered to the Crown Prince.)

3. (C) In a telephone conversation later in the day,
Ambassador reiterated the request to Foreign Minister Sheikh
Abdullah, who noted that a senior UAE military officer had
called on Prime Minister Siniora the day before in Beirut and
had discussed LAF requirements. (NOTE: We believe Sheikh
Abdullah might have been referring to UAE Directorate of
Military Intelligence officer Col. Mohammed Khalfan, who is
based in Beirut. END NOTE.) AbZ underscored the UAEG's
continuing support for the government of PM Siniora.

4. (U) We will continue to follow-up with both the Foreign
Minister and the Crown Prince's office and will report any

5. (C) ACTION REQUEST: Reftel notes that U.S.-origin
ammunition would require USG approval for transfer to
Lebanon. Can PM or NEA/ELA provide more detail regarding
possible timeframe for such approval(s)? Also, Embassy
requests Department advice as to whether we should urge UAEG
to use their own C-130s or whether third nation transport of
consolidated donations coming from the Gulf region might be