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06USUNNEWYORK857 2006-04-26 18:22:00 UNCLASSIFIED USUN New York
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1. (U) In an April 25 formal meeting, the United Nations
Security Council (UNSC) adopted a Congolese-drafted
Presidential Statement (PRST) addressing the situation
between Chad and Sudan. Last-minute edits to the text
resulted in deletion of our proposed reference to a pending
European Union Mission to Chad, since even EU Council Members
knew nothing about it. The PRST was adopted as UN document
S/PRST/2006/19; text in Paragraph 2.

2. (U) Begin PRST text:

The Security Council welcomes the Secretary-General's
briefing on 18 April 2006 on Chad/Sudan relations and
endorses his deep concerns over the political and security
situation and the instability along Chad's borders with
Sudan, as well as over the possible spillover effects of
these crises on neighboring countries and the entire region.
The Security Council encourages the Secretary-General to
continue his consultations with relevant parties, in
particular the African Union, on the matter and requests him
to closely follow the situation and continue to keep the
Security Council informed.

The Security Council welcomes the fact-finding mission
dispatched by the African Union in Chad and looks forward to
its conclusions.

The Security Council fully endorses the statement by the
African Union Peace and Security Council of 13 April 2006 in
which it strongly condemned the rebel attacks against
N'djamena and the eastern town of Adre and reiterates that
any attempt to seize power by force, pursuant to the 1999
Algiers Declaration of the African Unity Organization, would
be regarded as unacceptable.

The Security Council calls for political dialogue and a
negotiated solution to the continuing crisis within Chad.

The Security Council also reaffirms the sovereignty,
independence and territorial integrity of Chad and Sudan as
well as all States in the region and calls on all Members to
refrain in their international relations from the threat or
use of force against the territorial integrity or political
independence of any state, or in any other manner
inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

The Security Council calls upon on States in the region to
cooperate in ensuring their common stability.

The Security Council notes with deep concerns the
deteriorating relations between Chad and Sudan and urges the
Governments of the two countries to abide by their
obligations under the 8 February 2006 Tripoli Agreement and
to urgently start implementing the confidence-building
measures which have been voluntarily agreed upon. Both Sudan
and Chad must refrain from any actions that violate the

The Security Council is concerned about the situation of the
refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan and from the Central
African Republic as well as the situation of the thousands of
internally displaced persons in Chad. It therefore notes the
decision by the Government of Chad not to expel the Sudanese
refugees and urges the Government of Chad to continue
supporting the efforts of humanitarian and relief agencies in
the country in accordance with international principles
governing the protection of refugees. The Security Council
further reminds the right of all displaced persons who wish
to do so to return to their home. It reminds all Governments
in the region of their obligation to respect international
humanitarian law. In this regard, the Security Council calls
on donor countries to provide additional resources to respond
to the emergency humanitarian situation in both Sudan and

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3. (U) End PRST text.