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06THEHAGUE649 2006-03-24 16:10:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy The Hague
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1. (C) Poloff delivered reftel demarche March 23 and 24, to
relevant MFA offices. On Sudan, the GONL continues to press
Arab League and AU members through its embassies and through
the offices of its Special Envoy for Sudan. On Iraq, we are
awaiting a response. On Israel/Palestine, the GONL is
maintaining Quartet unity, but the MFA Middle East Division
is closely watching Egyptian efforts to get Hamas to accept
the 2002 Beirut Declaration. On the general topic of Arab
reform, we are also awaiting a response from the relevant



2. (C) Poloff spoke with Security Policy officer Pieter
Blusse, who is augmenting the overstretched Sudan Task Force.
Blusse verified that the Task Force is continuing to press
AU and Arab League members, through Dutch embassies and
through the offices of Special Envoy for Sudan WGJM Wessels.
Phone calls are no longer being made at the level of the
Dutch Foreign Minister. Poloff asked Blusse to relay to
Wessels our request that the FM consider making additional
calls. Wessels is in Abuja at the moment.



3. (C) Deputy Director of the MFA Middle East Division Geert
Kampman stressed that the hardened attitude of the Dutch
parliament made The Netherlands an unlikely country to split
Quartet unity. Moreover, Foreign Minister Bot is firmly
against compromise. Kampman said, however, that the Dutch
embassy in Cairo had recently approached the Egyptians, to
see what line they would take. According to Kampman, the
Egyptians seek to persuade Hamas to accept the 2002 Beirut
declaration. He said that the GONL has given the Egyptians
no indication of its feelings on the matter. Poloff asked
whether the Dutch have made their position known to other
Arab League nations, and he said they had not.

4. (C) According to Kampman, acceptance of the Beirut
declaration could open doors within the EU for movement
toward discussions with Hamas. He said that he viewed the
French as likely candidates to make this argument. The Dutch
embassy in Madrid, he added, has indicated that the Spanish
may also make such an argument.

5. (C) Kampman said he sees the UK, Germany, Italy and The
Netherlands as being most solidly against compromise.