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06TAIPEI3107 2006-09-07 10:11:00 SECRET American Institute Taiwan, Taipei
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1. (U) Action request para 5.

2. (S) AIT delivered to the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade
(BOFT) ref A results of ten export license reviews on August

30. BOFT said it was looking forward to soon receiving the
additional information on case WA060718141946002 that
Washington agencies said they will attempt to provide.

3. (S) BOFT indicated that it welcomes a U.S. interagency
team in late October or November to meet with Taiwan
interagency officials in Taipei, industry groups in Hsinchu
and Tainan, and port officials in Kaohsiung (ref C). BOFT
said discussions could also cover a schedule for EXBS

4. (S) BOFT said that Taiwan agencies were most interested
in hosting the EXBS industry outreach training for Taiwan
officials this fall and the EXBS regional industry outreach
training program in March 2007. BOFT said it would like to
proceed with preparations for these two training events as
soon as they can be confirmed.

5. (S) BOFT repeated its urgent request for technical
assistance from U.S. agencies on licensing
transit/transshipped cargoes (ref B, transmitted August 24).
Taiwan uses a uniquely comprehensive Sensitive Commodities
List (meaning that the cargo may not need a license unless
the shipment is routed through Taiwan) and requires that
license applications be submitted at least 25 working days
prior to the cargo's arrival in a Taiwan port (long before
most cargoes are even consigned to a shipping agent and a
shipping route developed). Shipping companies have
questioned whether they can meet these conditions. The new
license requirements are due to take effect on September 15.
AIT requests guidance on how to reply to the BOFT request for
technical assistance prior to September 15.