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06MANAGUA726 2006-03-31 18:45:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Managua
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1. On March 23, post received a diplomatic note from the
Foreign Ministry dated March 21 stating that the government
of Nicaragua (GON) will present former Foreign Minister
Alejandro Montiel Arguello as a candidate for the United
Nations International Law Commission for the period 2007-2011
when voting for the Commission takes place in the U.N.
General Assembly later this year. The note solicits USG
support for Montiel's candidacy. Informal translation of the
diplomatic note follows. The original Spanish-language
version of the note, and a copy of Montiel Arguello's resume,
have been faxed to WHA/CEN.

2. Informal translation of the GON diplomatic note:

(Official Government Seal)
Ministry of Foreign Relations

The International Organizations Section of the Ministry of
Foreign Relations of the Republic of Nicaragua presents its
compliments to the Honorable Embassy of the United States of
America and takes the opportunity to inform the Honorable
Embassy that the Government of Nicaragua has decided to
present the candidacy of Doctor Alejandro Montiel Arguello to
be a member of the International Law Commission, for the
period 2007-20011. Elections to the Commission will take
place during the sixty-first session of the General Assembly
of the United Nations in New York in September 2006.

Doctor Montiel Arguello, whose resume is attached, is the
former Minister of Foreign Relations of the Republic of
Nicaragua (1957-1961 and 1972-1978), and is a prominent
lawyer with over six decades of experience in legal and
political matters that has given him a deep understanding of
international law.

Additionally, on the hemispheric level, Doctor Montiel has
been a member of the Inter-American Judicial Committee
(1970-1972) and a judge on the Inter-American Human Rights
Court (1991-1997), experience that, along with his extensive
qualifications, would be useful in the International Law
Commission to promote knowledge of Latin American legal and
judicial norms as they relate to matters of international law.

Nicaragua places great importance in the laudable work of the
Commission in the development and codification of
international law in the United Nations. Because of this,
and taking into account the wide experience of Doctor Montiel
Arguello, it expects that if the Nicaraguan candidate is
elected, he will contribute to the strengthening of the rule
of law in international relations.

Taking into account the close ties of friendship between the
illustrious Government of the United States and the
Government of Nicaragua, we ask for your valuable support for
the Nicaraguan candidate.

The International Organizations Section of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Nicaragua takes the
opportunity to assure the Honorable Embassy of the United
States of America of its highest consideration.

Managua, 21 March 2006
(Signature and official Foreign Ministry seal)