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06KUWAIT93 2006-01-15 06:12:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kuwait
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1. (U) Not sending NIACT because Post understands that most
notifications have already been done by State Ops and WH Sit
Room, based on post's telephone and email briefs.

2. (U) Kuwaiti Information Minister Dr. Anas Al-Reshaid
announced January 15, 2006 that His Highness the Amir, Shaykh
Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah died at dawn the morning of
January 15. In accordance with Islamic tradition, the Amir
will be interred the afternoon of January 15. While the
cause of death has not been announced, it is likely the Amir
died of natural causes related to a stroke he suffered in
2001 and his long battle with Parkinson's disease. The GOK
will closed for three days and the official mourning period
will last for 40 days.

3. (C) GOK officials and senior members of the Al-Sabah
family will begin receiving condolence calls almost
immediately, although formal arrangements have yet to be
announced. Given the close ties between the United States
and Kuwait; the history of the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
and the 1991 liberation by coalition forces led by the U.S.,
and the immeasurable support from the GOK to Operation Iraqi
Freedom, Embassy Kuwait strongly recommends that a
senior-level delegation travel to Kuwait to offer U.S.
condolences. Post recommends that the delegation be led by
Vice President Cheney and consideration be given to including
representatives from the administration of former President
George H.W. Bush: former President Bush, former National
Security Advisor Brent scowcroft, former Secretary and then
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Powell, former
Secretary Baker, and General Schwartzkopf. Such a visit,

which could be accomplished in less than three hours on the
ground in Kuwait, would reinforce the strength and importance
of bilateral relations.

4. (C) According to the Kuwaiti constitution, Crown Prince
Shaykh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah will succeed the
Amir. The Crown Prince is also in very poor health and most
observers believe he will quickly abdicate and Prime Minister
Shaykh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, half brother of the
deceased Amir, will become Amir. Regardless, Post does not
expect any changes in the bilateral relationship. (Septel
will summarize succession scenarios and the impact on
U.S.-GOK relations.)

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