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06KUWAIT3447 2006-08-23 14:11:00 CONFIDENTIAL//NOFORN Embassy Kuwait
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1. (C/NF) In an August 23 meeting, PolOff delivered cleared
USNAVCENT Intelligence information on Hizballah missiles used
against Israel to Shaykh Thamer Ali Al-Sabah, the Office
Director of the President of the National Security Bureau,
Shaykh Ahmed Al-Fahd Al-Sabah. (Note: This information was
previously passed to the Kuwait Ministry of Defense. End
note.) Shaykh Ahmed requested the information during an
August 19 meeting with the Ambassador, explaining that the
GOK wanted to know what types of missiles could potentially
be used against Kuwait. (Comment: Shaykh Ahmed, a highly
influential member of the ruling family and former Minister
of Energy, will accompany the Amir on his upcoming visit to
Washington. He has requested side meetings with American
intelligence officials and may raise this issue. End
comment.) Given the context of the request, Shaykh Ahmed
seemed concerned about the threat of Iranian-affiliated Shi'a
militants in southern Iraq and possible attacks on Kuwaiti
oil tankers in the Gulf. Reviewing the information, Shyakh
Thamer said Kuwaiti intelligence had received similar
information indicating that the missiles were based on a
Chinese design, manufactured in Iran with slight
modifications, and then transported to Lebanon through Iraq
and Syria.

2. (C/NF) Commenting on Iran's nuclear program, Shaykh
Thamer said he believed "Iran would not use nukes on Kuwait."
He continued: "We tell the Iranians that we are not
threatened by you developing nuclear weapons. If we were
concerned about you attacking us, we would be threatened by
your existing (military) capabilities." What Kuwait is
worried about is the potential environmental impact of Iran's
nuclear program, specifically the possibility of an accident
at the Bushehr nuclear facility (only 120 kilometers from
Kuwait) and Iran's ability to safely dispose of nuclear
waste, Shaykh Thamer explained. In his August 19 meeting
with the Ambassador, Shaykh Ahmed said he was "100% sure"
Iran had non-Kuwaiti operatives in Kuwait that the Iranians
"can use when they want." He added that Iran was only using
Kuwaitis for propaganda purposes and there was no evidence
that "the new Kuwaiti generation" was receiving training in
Lebanon or Iran, as some Kuwaitis allegedly had in the 1980s.

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