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06KUWAIT25 2006-01-04 04:26:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Kuwait
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1. Tuesday, January 03, 2006

-- Al-Anbaa front page "Washington: The militias are loyal
to their sects and there are fears of Iraq becoming a
sectarian state"

-- Al-Anbaa p. 23 "Bush's military advisor points to
reducing the number of troops to 100,000 by the end of the
year"; "Washington will not complete the rebuilding of
Iraq"; "American troops enforce a curfew in Kirkuk and 16
killed in attacks"

-- Al-Seyassah p. 30 "Iraq's Shiites prepare to declare `The
Southern Region' and their control of Iraq's oil wells and

-- Al-Rai Al-Aam p. 31 "Talibany emphasizes the importance
of including all in the next government"; "Turkish
Ambassador injured in Baghdad after his motorcade sustained
an attack"

-- Al-Qabas p. 40 "20 Iraqis killed 2 of which are children
and 8 bodies found in Baghdad"

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2. Tuesday, January 03, 2006

-- Eid Al-Dihaiwis wrote in the moderate daily Al-Qabas
under the title "Secular America incites nations": "It turns
out that most of the Muslim youths who go to Iraq for the
purpose of carrying out Jihad have no relation to Al-Qaeda;
rather, it is the result of the American occupation of Iraq.
That means that hostility towards the United States of
America has dramatically increased after the invasion of
Iraq. The American media campaign to win the war and market
the occupation. Arab anger began to boil and Islamic Jihad
began to move as the United States of America sank deeper
into the Iraqi swamp, until it became the state of torture,
political lies, and injustice. The Iraqis have proven
themselves with no help from the outside, if they are helped
then Iraq will become the ground on which the United States
of America loses its ideological, political, and military
reputations. The problem with America is that it is
arrogant and underestimates the power of others. Also, its
problem is that it does not know God's rules for the
universe. If it did, it would not have been so sure of its
power and its political, media, or military planning."

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