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06KUWAIT1614 2006-05-07 13:30:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kuwait
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1. (C) Polish Ambassador to Kuwait Kazimierz Romanski
called on the Ambassador on May 7 to seek U.S. support for a
joint demarche to the Government of Kuwait encouraging
endorsement of the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)
and participation in a June 23 High Level Meeting in Warsaw.
Romanski said he extended an invitation to the GOK through
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of International
Organizations Ambassador Abdullah Al-Murad. He conveyed a
similar invitation to the Government of Bahrain through the
Bahraini Embassy in Kuwait. Romanski told the Ambassador he
had been instructed to seek the support and assistance of the
PSI founding states represented in Kuwait -- U.S., Australia,
France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and
the UK -- and was calling on all ambassadors to obtain their
approval for a joint PSI demarche to the GOK. He added that
the French ambassador had received similar instructions and
the British ambassador mentioned the possibility of an EU-3
approach to the GOK.

2. (C) The Ambassador welcomed the engagement of the Poles
and other PSI founders, saying it was important the GOK and
other GCC states recognized the PSI as an international
initiative and not associate it with just one country. He
briefed Romanski on the April visit of Undersecretary Joseph
and mentioned the U.S. had encouraged the GOK to participate
in the May Anatolian Sun PSI exercise in Turkey. He also
encouraged Romanski to coordinate with the Turkish Embassy.

3. (SBU) In a separate conversation, Turkish DCM Fethi Etem
told PolChief that the Turkish Embassy had received oral
confirmation of the participation of two Kuwaiti officers in
the Anatolian Sun exercise.

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