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06DUBLIN139 2006-02-08 13:29:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Dublin
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1. Post welcomes and grants country clearance for Mike
O'Malley to travel to Dublin, Ireland for February 13 and
February 14, 2006. Purpose of visit is consultations
regarding the Walsh Visa Program.

2. Embassy Control Officer for this visit is POL OMS
Timothy Markley, office telephone 353 1 630-6276, home
telephone 353 1 660-2038, cell 086 869-9836 e-mail Embassy telephone number while in
country is (01) 668-8777 during business hours; (01) 668-9612
after hours.

3. Reservations have been made at the Herbert Park Hotel,
Ballsbridge Terrace, Dublin 4. Telephone number 353 1
667-2200. Room rate is Euro 127 room only. Reference
Amembassy Dublin. Please provide post with fiscal data or
credit card information to confirm the reservations as hotel
will release rooms 24 hrs. prior, if required data is not

4. Please note that as of March 29, 2004, Ireland has
instituted a complete smoking ban in the work place,
including all pubs, restaurants, and hotel common areas.
Violations of this law may result in a fine of up to Euro
3,000. Check with hotel staff upon arrival to determine if
smoking is permitted in hotel room.


5. Please be advised that there are no visa requirements
for visitors traveling to Ireland on diplomatic or official

6. Post policy is to provide airport pickup for employees
at the rank of Deputy Assistant Secretary or above. Other
travelers should take the Dublin Aircoach (7 Euro one way,
departure every 15 minutes) or a taxi (approx. 25 Euro one
way). Travelers arriving with excess equipment or having
special transportation needs should communicate those
requirements to their Embassy control officer prior to

7. Accommodation Exchange: Post does not have check
cashing or money changing facilities: Major credit cards are
widely accepted; ATM machines accept most major U.S.
bankcards, and offer the best exchange rates.


8. Post is unaware of direct threats against Americans or
U.S. interests in Ireland, and Ireland remains a relatively
safe country where anti-American sentiment is rare. For
additional threat assessment information regarding Ireland,
you may contact DS/DSS/ITA (Diplomatic Security's Office of
Intelligence and Threat Assessment) in the State Department
at 202-663-0787. TDY visitors staying longer than 30 days
should schedule a briefing with the Regional Security Officer.

9. Street Crime: Like any large urban center, Dublin has
its share of street crime, especially pick-pocketing and
purse-snatching. Valuables should not be left unattended in
cars and should be kept in hotel safe deposit boxes. Do not
carry large amounts of cash. Violent confrontations and use
of firearms are rare, however, and with reasonable
precautions and common sense visitors should be able to enjoy
a safe visit. Police services are excellent; the number for
emergency services in Ireland is 999 or 112.

10. Terrorism: Ireland, like the rest of the world, shares
an increased threat of terrorist incidents of international
origin. Travelers should remain aware of their surroundings
and report suspicious people or activities to the police or

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