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06DHAKA715 2006-02-12 00:48:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Dhaka
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1. (U) According to police sources, several Islamic groups
have planned to organize a protest around the Baitul
Mukarram National Mosque on Friday, February 10 at 1500 (after
Friday prayers) followed by a march towards the Danish,
French, and Italian embassies and the EC Mission. The protests
are in response to the cartoons published in Danish and other
western newspapers depicting the Prophet Mohammad. Groups
expected to participate in the march include the Islamic
Constitutional Movements, Hizbut Tahrir Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Khelafat Movements, Jamat e Ulama Islam, National Committee
for Stopping Aggression, Khelafat Majlish, Nejame Islami,
Islamic Okiyo Andolan, Kaumi Education Board, International
Khatme Nabuyat Bangladesh (better known for its anti-Ahmadiyya
agitation), and Amra Dhaka Bashi.

2. (U) The demonstration will originate from the downtown
Dhaka Baitul Mukarram mosque (approximately eight KM from the
diplomatic enclave where the U.S. Embassy and emboff
residences are located). Dhaka Metropolitan Police have taken
special security measures to protect the enclave and have
stated that they will not allow any processions or
demonstrators near the enclave. Police expect several thousand
participants in the demonstration.

3. (U) There have been other smaller demonstrations in
downtown Dhaka since the announcement of the publishing of the

4. (SBU) On February 8, Home Minister of State Babar assured
Charge that the BDG understands the importance of protecting
diplomatic precautions. The demonstrators, he underscored,
would not be allowed to enter the diplomatic enclave.

5. (SBU) RSO Actions: Post has worked with the Danish Embassy
to ensure that all possible security measures are in place.
RSO staff visited the Danish Embassy and observed that upwards
of 80 armed police are now stationed there in addition to a
mobile vehicle patrol. The Danish Embassy uses contract
guards for their facility and residences. Furthermore,
pedestrian screening procedures by a local contract guard seem
to be adequate. The Danish official responsible for security
was handed all possible telephone numbers for local
authorities should there be a problem and phone numbers for
the RSO staff should they not be able to reach local

6. (SBU) RSO, in addition to Consular, has issued a security
notice advising post personnel to avoid the affected areas of
downtown due to the protests. While police have traditionally
kept protesters from marching into the diplomatic enclave, RSO
assets will monitor and advise RSO and Post 1 should the
protesters manage to threaten the perimeter.

7. (U) Point of contact is Regional Security Office Dhaka,
8802-885-5500 X2228.