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06BANGKOK823 2006-02-10 10:07:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Bangkok
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					  UNCLAS BANGKOK 000823 


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1. On February 9, Econoff spoke with Ms. Morakot
Srisawsdi, of the Department of International Economic
Affairs in the Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
and Ms. Wichada Phabanjerdkit, APEC Section Chief in the
Department of Trade Negotiations regarding Thai priorities
for APEC 2006. The RTG plan of action for APEC is still
under draft and relevant Ministries have been instructed to
submit their comments on the APEC agenda by February 17. As
a result, Ms. Morakot and Ms. Wichada were not able to give a
definitive list of RTG priorities for 2006, but instead gave
a general description of Thailand's continuing APEC
activities and likely priorities.

2. Ms. Wichada said trade facilitation would likely be the
top priority in APEC for the RTG this year, and expected that
this priority would be widely shared by other developing
nations in APEC. The RTG goal would be a reduction in
transaction costs of five percent in 2006, with a further
five percent reduction by 2010. Wichada said Thailand also
expected to take the lead in APEC on food safety and the
mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) for foods and food
products, issues of importance to Thailand.

3. Human security is another priority, and Ms. Morakot
said Thailand would be pushing an initiative on biofuel that
was endorsed at APEC 2005, though details were still to be
worked out. Pandemic disease, and avian flu in particular,
will be a continuing priority for Thailand at the ministers
meetings in April in Vietnam.

4. Morakot said Thailand was also planning to host two
APEC activities in 2006. In June, Thailand will hold a
seminar with a focus on development of the sectoral food MRA
and food safety. Thailand is also preparing to host the APEC
Ministerial on Human Resources Development.

5. Post will forward additional information on RTG APEC
priorities as their inter-Ministerial process develops.