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E.O. 12958: N/A
31, 2006




E.O. 12958: N/A
31, 2006

1. In response to G/TIP inquiries, national and
international media sources published the following articles
about TIP in Turkey. Text of articles originally published
in Turkish is provided through unofficial Embassy

2. Reported by Anadolu Ajansi on Friday, March 17:

TITLE: Ten foreign women captured in a prostitution
operation in Silivri deported

BEGIN TEXT: The Istanbul Provincial Jandarma Command
received a tip that a hotel in a district of Silivri was
used for prostitution. The Jandarma raided the hotel.

During the operation, the Jandarma noticed that behind the
hotel's restaurant there was a hidden room under the stairs
where women who were forced into prostitution were kept.
When the Jandarma went into the quarters, they noticed a
door that looked like a wardrobe door. When they opened the
door, they found six foreign women.

While searching the rooms, the Jandarma captured four more
foreign women.

The women were sent to a hospital where it was determined
that two of them carried Hepatitis C and one of them the
Hepatitis B virus.

The ten women were deported. Those forcing them into
prostitution were set free by the judiciary, to be tried on
release. END TEXT.

3. Reported by FOCUS News Agency on Saturday, March 18:

TITLE: Second informal meeting of interior ministers in
October in Turkey

BEGIN TEXT: The second informal meeting between Southeast
Balkans Interior Ministers will be held in Turkey most
probably in October, Turkish Interior Minister Abdulkadir
Aksu stated in Varna today, Radio FOCUS-Varna reporter

The Turkish Minister said that they had some very fruitful
conversations at today's first meeting, which will greatly
help overcome problems connected to human trafficking and
drugs in Southeastern Europe.

Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumen Petkov announced that in
April or May, Bulgaria will host the 25th Police Conference
in which Interpol lecturers will also take part. He pointed

out Bulgaria will also host the meeting of Southeastern
Europe Police Force Directors in June. The purpose of this
meeting is to improve the synchrony in information exchange
and to form joint police teams for emergency cases, Minister
Petkov explained. He added services to combat organized
crime from neighboring countries would participate in
tactical exercises connected to the fight against organized
crime in November in Bulgaria. END TEXT.

4. Reported by Turkish Daily News on Monday, March 20:

TITLE: Turkey to host next ministerial Balkan meeting
against terrorism

BEGIN TEXT: Interior ministers of eight southeast European
countries have agreed to combine their efforts "to prevent
acts of terrorism in the region." The ministers also agreed
to hold regular meetings and set the next such round of
talks for October in Turkey, Turkish Interior Minister
Abdulkadir Aksu has announced.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece,
Macedonia, Romania and Turkey "expressed their readiness not
to permit any terrorist acts and to oppose organized crime
and corruption," said a joint declaration by the eight
ministers and a representative of Montenegro meeting in
Bulgaria's coastal town of Varna.

"We once more voiced our determination in the struggle
against global terrorism, smuggling and organized crime,"
Aksu was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency at a
joint press conference late on Saturday, while also noting
that the meeting took place in "an extremely positive

Aksu said such meetings strengthened regional security and
stability. "Taking into consideration the importance of the
issues, we offered to hold the next meeting in Turkey. We
are extremely happy that our offer was accepted."

Earlier, in an opening address, Bulgarian President Georgy
Parvanov said that drug trafficking routes through the
Balkans and corruption "cause the image of the region and
its investment climate to deteriorate."

"The countries will improve their border control services to
prevent trafficking in persons, as well as the smuggling of
drugs, counterfeit currency and arms. At the same time,
visa systems have to be eased to permit the free movement of
people," Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumen Petkov was quoted
as saying by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

"One objective is to prevent criminal elements from the
Balkans from passing into the European Union," said Greek
Interior Minister Vyron Polydoras.

The eight ministers were ready to harmonize their
legislation, share police training practices and set up
mechanisms for information exchanges, he added.

Another meeting of Balkan police officials was set for June
in Bulgaria. It will focus on coordinating the exchange of
preventive information and will set up joint action teams.

In November, the countries' security service units will also
meet in Bulgaria for joint training in combating organized
crime, to be taught by U.S. instructors, Petkov noted. END

5. Published by Hurriyet on Monday, March 20:

TITLE: Secret conversations

BEGIN TEXT: Hurriyet Ankara was able to get scandalous
telephone conversation transcripts of Suna S., who has
allegedly worked as a pimp for ten years. The police
conducted an operation against her. Here are the minutes of
her scandalous phone conversations with her clients:

ST (Male): Our H. likes them. I am very close to him. I
was at his place yesterday.

Suna S: Our former Chief?

ST: Yes. He tours all the night clubs.

Suna: I know H. very well. He is a good person.

ST: He is not good at all. He f. and leaves everybody.

Suna: Good for him.

ST: Everybody and even A. earns money because of him. I am
very close to A. as well. If you like, I can bring A., as I
did M., to the house.

Suna: Yes, bring her over.

ST: Sure. Shall I also bring a skinny man who looks as
though he has AIDS?

Suna: It does not matter (what he looks like); bring him

Black Mini Fantasy

CE calls Suna: CE: My room number is 420. I would
appreciate it if she could wear a long coat over her mini
skirt. I would also like to remind her that she should wear
stockings and boots. She should be tall and have a
beautiful face. I hope that the hotel administrators do not
talk about this.

Suna: (Shouting at someone) Mine, the man asked for a mini
skirt, black stockings and boots. Put something appropriate
on. You will get $200 for two hours. Plus, you will get
the cab fare.

Stop and do not talk on the phone.
Suna talks to Esra N. about taking drugs and pills: Suna:
Dear, what have you done?

E: As I was buying, they said that the others bought for
themselves and I should, too.

Suna: Never, dear. What do they have to do with any of
E: How many was I supposed to buy?

Suna: You will take three pills and 20-30 YTL
(approximately 15-22 USD) worth of hashish. Canan does not

E: OK. I will see you.

Suna: Take three and definitely buy hashish as well.

E: Be quiet. Why do you talk like this on the phone? Are
you crazy?

Suna: Nothing will happen. Nothing.

Not with two people.

X (Female): So they are two. They want me to stay with two

Suna: Yes.

X: Is it an orgy? I will not do that disgusting thing.

Suna: So what?

X: No S. I will definitely not do that.

Suna: This is a business. I do not understand why you will
not do it.

Find the right path.

A woman called C., who decided to work as a prostitute,
calls the pimp to tell her that she wants to work.
Following is that conversation:

C: How are you?

Suna: I am fine. What about you?

C: I thought about it and decided to work, no matter what.

Suna: In other words, you found the right path.

I would send you secretly.

Tugba: How is your business?

Suna: Not as good as it used to be.

T: I must have left right on time.

Suna: If you are going to begin, then you must begin right
at the right time.

T: I was wondering.

Suna: If you want a few, then I would send you secretly.

T: OK, we will talk about it.

Can I pay later?

An academician who called Suna explained that he had not
been paid and asked if he could pay her next month,
expecting she would send a woman. They said:

OG: Mrs. Suna, I am academician M. I used to visit you a
lot in the past. I am the academician. Do you remember me?

Suna: Sure I do.

OG: I want to have a fling tonight.

Suna: Certainly.

OG: How shall we do it? What are the prices?
Suna: Two hours for 270 TL (approximately 200 USD).

OG: Let me first get the money from the ATM and call you

Suna: OK.

After a while he calls back. OG: I have a problem with
getting the money. Do you trust me?

Suna: I trust you, but what shall I give the girl?

OG: I will give you the money next week.

Suna: I cannot accept such a thing.

OG: OK, I understand.

Suna: Sorry.

The girl is very nave, but will get used to it.

Sedat: Your nuisance is calling.

Suna: I am going to call Ali.

Sedat: I brought the girl home. She went to see her child.
She cried a bit. We talked about you and I told her that
she would get used to this.

Suna: She certainly will cry and get used to this.

Sedat: I exaggerated a bit as I praised you. I told her
that I would not have taken her to you if you were a bad
woman. I told her that her father and grandfather gave her
child a tour of the park. I asked her to listen to you all
the time. I told her that if other girls ask her to do this
or that, she should not, but listen to you. I told her she
would suffer if not. I told her that I could not be her
husband and that we were only friends.

Suna: I know. You told her the right thing.

Sedat: She is very worried about the child. She told me
that she can no longer stand it. I told her that she should
do this since she would get used to it. I told her that if
she goes somewhere else, she would suffer more. She is so
nave. I told her that you brought her a cell phone. I
also noted that you do not do this for everyone. I told her
that this was done because I know her. END TEXT.

6. Reported by Radikal and Sabah on Tuesday, March 21:

TITLE: Prostitution gang under detention

BEGIN TEXT: Boys between 12-17 years of age submitted a
petition to the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor and complained
that a network, with which they met on the internet, on the
phone and during face-to-face conversations, deceived them
and took naked pictures and films of them. The ten gang
members threatened the boys by saying they would show the
pictures to their parents, and then forced them into sexual
relationships with rich men in return for money.

The prosecutor sent the petition to the Vice Squad. The
cell phone numbers of these people, whose names were given
by the kids, were tapped for three months. Last Saturday,
the police raided the addresses of the suspects at the same
time and detained nine people. During searches of the
houses and offices of the suspects, police seized many
pornographic pictures and videos. The suspects will be sent
to the judicial hall today after being identified by the
boys. END TEXT.

7. Reported by Vatan on Wednesday, March 22:

TITLE: Send the girls, I will be careful
BEGIN TEXT: In an operation by the Istanbul Police called
"Cat," 72 people, including 15 men - one who is an
international human trafficker Ejder Toprak - and 16 women
traffickers, were captured. As part of the operation,
famous shoe owner, Sinan K., too, was detained for assisting
and sheltering the organization.

The indictment against the prostitution ring also exposed
the tragedy of women who were deceived by job offers from
the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Moldova. Gang leader Ejder
Toprak used to buy these women for $2,000-3,000 per person,
and then would sell them to another gang for $3,000-5,000.

It was discovered that the girls were sent to Turkey by
shadow companies established in the Commonwealth of
Independent States to find jobs.

When Toprak's phone was tapped, he was heard talking to a
woman named Tamilia, who sells women. The conversation went
like this:

Toprak: Aliyona Hotel and ours are next to each other. A
17-year-old girl fled that place. There are not good
clients at Aliyona. In Etiler, Sasha and Monikagot were
together since there were no clients. There are no longer
beautiful girls like before. It there were, we would offer
them for $500. In 2007, things will be hard because of the
Schengen visa. We need to save money from now on. You ask
for two girls. Let them come and then invite me over. Let
me take the girls and share the money with you 50/50.

Tamilia: O.K. I do not need ten partners.

Toprak: During a raid in Atakoy, seven women were captured.

Tamilia: Which girls were captured? My girls are all
accounted for.

Toprak: There was a sting. Do not send any girls anywhere
near Atakoy. END TEXT.

8. Published by Vatan on Wednesday, March 22:

TITLE: I could not flee myself. She was saved by calling


BEGIN TEXT: Valentyna Butkova (23),who was offered a job
in Turkey, was brought from the Ukraine and was forced into
prostitution for one month in Koycegiz, Mugla.

She was saved when she called the 157 hotline.

She was kept in a small place by threats. When she
complained, Ali A., who forced her into prostitution, was
captured and arrested. She said that he had forcefully kept
two more girls, but they had escaped. END TEXT.

9. Published by Vatan on Wednesday, March 22, and also
reported by Sabah and Cumhuriyet on the same day:

TITLE: Deceived with a cell phone offer

BEGIN TEXT: The Izmir Vice Squad, after following suspects
since last November, disclosed exploitation of around 1,000
children between the ages of 12-17 in Izmir.

The police teams began the investigation following a tip by
Ugur Dundar, editor-in-chief of the "Arena" program and
after seven families notified the prosecutor's office.

The police began to tap the phones of C.G., the gang leader.
C.G. had a tea house and did not have a criminal record.
The police found out that he was using the web. The police
entered the gang's pornographic and gay websites and
negotiated with them.

The police managed to get an address for a meeting and
raided many sites. Along with the gang leader C.G., ten
more people were detained during the raids. During searches
of the houses and offices of the suspects, police found
around 1000 CDs and cassettes full of pornographic pictures
of boys between 12-17 years of age.
It was determined that the suspects met with the kids either
on the web or on the street. They convinced the kids to
have their naked pictures taken in return for money or a
cell phone. Later, they blackmailed them into intercourse.

10. Published by Milliyet on Thursday, March 23:

TITLE: Two hundred women saved

BEGIN TEXT: In the first ten months, there were about 1000
calls to the 157 hotline, established by the International
Organization for Migration, with the financial support of
the U.S. Government, to save women who were forced into
prostitution and to prevent human trafficking.
IOM provided assistance to approximately 200 women as part
of the campaign called, "Have you seen my mother?" and 81 of
these women were returned home. Three out of four people
who called the hotline were Turkish clients of these women.

According to IOM officials, in the first six months, 735
people called the 157 hotline. Since the New Year, 225 more
applications were received. Most of the calls came from
Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara. In recent months, the number
of calls regarding Moldovan women has gone up.

Every three out of four calls to the hotline are clients of
women forced into prostitution.

According to IOM's phone records, callers say, "The woman
who is with me right now has no means of communication. She
asked for help and said that she was forced into
prostitution. They took away her passport and do not allow
her to quit. She does not even know where we are now."

Following such a call, operators who received training for
emergencies, take the address from the man and inform either
the police or Jandarma in that region, who then carry out a
raid to that site. If during that period the woman has left
the site, then security forces keep an eye on the region for
at least one month and when a woman is brought back, she is

After the police take their testimony, the women are sent to
IOM shelters in Istanbul and Ankara. Until now, the shelter
in Istanbul has provided services to 183 women, and the
other one in Ankara, which opened last November, has hosted
31 women.

Eighty-one of these women voluntarily wanted to return home.
Women who are staying at the shelters suffer from stress,
sleep and personality disorders.

One of every three women is a mother.

IOM's "2005: Turkey, Human Trafficking Trends" report
presents a scary picture on human trafficking. The report
notes that one of every three women is a mother. It also
notes that the illegal money involved in this trade is $1
billion a year. It also states that last year they
identified 469 human trafficking cases, but actually this
figure was only one-tenth of the real number.

Sixty percent of these women come from Moldova and Ukraine.
Most of them are between 19-25 years of age. The general
belief that these women are university graduates was wrong.
Most of them are secondary school graduates.

Women are being deceived by people they know. While they
earn $2 a month in their countries, they come to Turkey to
earn at least $3000 and 94 percent of these women are forced
into prostitution. Most of the victims are in Istanbul,
Antalya and Ankara.

She jumped out of the window to escape

Moldovan E. is a woman saved by the hotline. She arrived in
Turkey when she was 19 and began to work in a shop. After a
while, she went back home to see her mother. When she
returned, her job had been taken over by someone else.
Meanwhile, two of her friends, whom she met in Istanbul,
invited her to Antalya. When in Antalya, her two friends
went shopping. E. stayed behind with the boyfriends of her
friends. They took away her passport and she was forced
into prostitution. A few months later, she wanted to commit
suicide by jumping out of a fifth-story window. IOM brought
her mother from Moldova and medevaced her home. E. can now
walk with crutches. In the picture, she is seen a few hours
before she was returned home.

Search for sponsors.

The U.S. Government sponsored and the Government of Turkey
supported the $700,000 IOM project to raise awareness about
the effects of human trafficking on children and families.
The Italian and Swedish governments, too, gave important
support to the project. But the flow of money for the
campaign will stop in the coming months. The IOM is looking
for support to continue the project. It talks to private
and public sector institutions on the issue. END TEXT.

11. Published by Sabah on Friday, March 24:

TITLE: Great crackdown on prostitution

BEGIN TEXT: The Vice Squad, which took massage parlors,
saunas and beauty salons under surveillance following the
disclosure of the "Sauna Gang," carried out a series of
operations and took administrative action against 62
locations. Judicial process is continuing against 152
people. Based on a report, nine offices were shut down in
the first phase.

The Turkish National Police Vice Squad received tips in the
first three months of this year and carried out raids on
some saunas, beauty and massage parlors. They captured many
women in inappropriate situations. It was determined that
more than 400 massage and beauty parlors and saunas in
Ankara were operating for prostitution and that when they
were shut down, they were opening again under a different
name. It was also determined that two of the massage
parlors were not licensed and nine were involved in
prostitution. Forty-one employed unlicensed masseuses.
Action was taken against 17 men and women for prostitution,
and 106 women for working without the proper license.

The Vice Squad carried out the second phase of operations
against saunas. Judicial action was taken against one for
prostitution and against seven for employing masseuses
without proper credentials. The police discovered that one
man and two women were involved in prostitution and 25 women
were working without proper licenses.

The final operation was on beauty parlors. Police found
that six unlicensed women were employed at three such
places. One beauty parlor allegedly was involved in
prostitution. Action was taken against one man and one
woman for prostitution and against six unlicensed women.

Following the raids, the Ankara Governor's Office Committee
on Venereal Disease and the Fight Against Prostitution, at
the first phase, shut down seven massage parlors, four of
which were unlicensed, one sauna and one beauty parlor. END

12. Reported by the Turkish Daily News on Saturday, March

TITLE: Police call for expansion of power to fight

BEGIN TEXT: Only a day after Istanbul Police Chief
Celalettin Cerrah called for changes in the Turkish Penal
Code (TCK) and the Criminal Procedures Law (CMK) to ensure a
competent fight against terrorism, police spokesman Ismail
Caliskan revisited the matter and recommended additional
time to keep suspects in custody when necessary, with the
approval of courts or prosecutors.

Cerrah, speaking at the "Global Terrorism and International
Cooperation" symposium hosted by the Center of Excellence
Defense Against Terrorism (COE-DAT),said anti-terrorism
laws need to be separated from the TCK and the CMK.

He agreed with the Chief of General Staff Gen. Hilmi Ozkok's
assessment that the lack of any common definition of
terrorism was the main reason international cooperation on
the matter was lacking.

Caliskan, speaking during his weekly briefing, said they
were studying an extension of the time suspects spend in
custody and the right to conduct body searches and collect
DNA samples. He said constitutional changes to extend
broader rights to police on these matters were possible.

He also said that fingerprints and DNA samples needed to be
collected in databanks.

The police spokesman said the Turkish police department had
adapted to the times, adding, "Police officers are now
university graduates. They are being educated in human
rights. There may have been mistakes committed in the past,
but no one should forget the fact that those who committed
crimes were punished. I do not think the department will
ever face the type of accusations it had to in the past.
The reactions of our police officers to social disturbances
are more scientific and controlled."

International cooperation:

In his speech on Thursday, Istanbul Police Chief Cerrah said
terrorist groups had lost their main backers, noting that
this has forced them to become involved in drugs and human
trafficking. "Consequently, any toleration of terrorism
also means tolerating drugs and trade in humans," he said.

"Cyberterrorism is also being supported by some countries,"
Cerrah said. "Everyone knows that the military codes used
by countries for their defense are in the hands of computer
hackers. Turkey has battled religious, ideological and
ethnic terrorism for the past 30 years. Its experiences
have shown it that terrorism has no religion, ethnicity or

He said Turkey's location has also made it into a target for
radical fundamentalists.

The Istanbul police chief said anti-terrorism did not
necessitate the imposition of limitations on rights and
freedoms but noted that certain limitations imposed for
reasons of national and individual security were not
contrary to universal values or the Constitution.

Cerrah asked that the time suspects spend in custody be
increased from two to four days, with the prosecutor's
knowledge, and suggested that the courts be given the right
to extend it to 15 days.

He asked for one to two-day delays for informing suspects'
families when they are in their custody, noting that in some
circumstances family members destroyed evidence. Among the
other recommendations were no amnesties to terrorists, no
court orders for seizure when terrorism cases are involved,
a DNA and fingerprint databank and a specialized court that
only deals with terrorism cases. END TEXT.

13. Reported by Radikal on Tuesday, March 28:

TITLE: Sixty detained in a prostitution operation

BEGIN TEXT: Following tips from locals, the Afyon police
conducted a "Spring Operation" in Afyon and raided 19 houses
and offices at the same time.

The Provincial police had been preparing for four months,
under the supervision of the Governor and the prosecutor.
The police teams raided 19 houses and offices in the city
center at the same time yesterday around 8:00 a.m. With
permission obtained from the prosecutor, the police opened
some unanswered doors by breaking them down with a sledge
hammer. Around 200 police seized all documents, money,
steel cases and other goods. Most of the raids were on
sites on Ambaryolu Street and the Orhangazi District. Tips
from locals were evaluated as well. The police took 41
women, most of whom were foreigners, and 19 men who forced
them into prostitution, to the police station. Cars of
those who were detained were searched as well. In one of
the raided houses, police found a secret small room where
ten people could hide. The police said that this place was
prepared to hide foreign women in case of a raid. Ismet
Baskoy, Deputy Chief of the Provincial Police, said that
they would continue their operations and that they might
detain others as well. END TEXT.

14. Reported by Hurriyet on Tuesday, March 28:

TITLE: They entered with a sledge hammer

BEGIN TEXT: Police teams wearing bullet-proof vests, after
four months' preparation, began to raid 19 houses and
offices at 8:00 a.m. yesterday. Unanswered doors were
broken by sledge hammers after getting prosecutors' orders.
Two hundred police searched the sites. All documents, money
and goods were seized, and 38 women, most of whom were
foreigners and who were forced into prostitution, were
detained. Sixteen men who forced the women into
prostitution and the women were taken by buses to the police
station. In one of the raided houses, police found a small
area to hide at least ten women.

Hotels were raided in Urgup

In an operation conducted by Nevsehir police, 29 women,
including 21 foreigners, were captured in hotels raided in
Urgup. After taking their testimony, authorities took the
women by bus to Trabzon for their deportation. Eight
Turkish women were released after giving their testimony.

15. Published by Sabah on Tuesday, March 28:

TITLE: Prostitution operation on houses with secret

BEGIN TEXT: The Afyon Police raided some addresses that it
determined earlier and detained 66 people. It also spotted
some secret passages in the houses. During the Spring
Operation that the police conducted in the morning hours in
eight districts, 28 Georgian, five Azeri and 11 Turkish
prostitutes, plus the 22 men who were selling them, were
detained. Police could only enter some houses by opening
the doors with sledge hammers. Police found secret passages
in some of the houses. They also seized a steel safe kept
in the secret quarter of one of the houses. END TEXT.